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Vadim Yanitskiy 6d88d94ebe support parsing PCAPs with BT RFCOMM packets
One of the approaches for sniffing serial port communication on Windows
is using USBPcap, an open-source USB sniffer.  When using Bluetooth as
the transport for DebugMux, the resulting PCAP contains RFCOMM frames,
which can later be analyzed using Wireshark.

This patch adds a new read-only DumpIO interface for,
which allows one to parse and convert PCAPs containing DebugMux frames
encapsulated into BT RFCOMM packets.

PCAP parsing is easy thanks to pyshark [1] (new dependency).

2023-01-26 06:40:46 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 79c2124e0c Add requirements.txt listing all dependencies 2022-01-21 02:08:58 +06:00