Ancient early ISDN support for Linux 1.2.x by Matthias Urlichs (hence "u-isdn"), not related to the later isdn4linux (i4l) or mISDN. Raw tarballs used to create this are at

Updated 2022-02-18 07:59:00 +00:00

Osmocom fork of mISDNuser, contains some local fixes which we are also submitting upstream. Also contains a CVS import with better author name/mail annotation than upstream ('cvsimport' branch)

Updated 2022-04-18 15:15:12 +00:00

OsmoCC mISDN endpoint

Updated 2023-08-19 13:28:08 +00:00

Software defined ISDN U interface for conneting NT1 (4B3T) to a sound card with at least 192KHz sample rate.

Updated 2022-05-15 12:55:23 +00:00

Fork of as well as custom CVS import with proper author name/email ('cvsimport' branch)

Updated 2022-04-18 15:12:08 +00:00

Home of libcapi20 based Linux programs implementing some type of ISDN based application.

Updated 2022-11-28 13:01:41 +00:00

Import of historical NGC4Linux CVS tree

Updated 2022-04-18 15:12:30 +00:00

Import of historical isdn4linux CVS tree ('isdn' module)

Updated 2022-04-18 15:11:59 +00:00

Import of historical isdn4linux CVS tree ('isdnfax' module)

Updated 2022-04-18 15:12:19 +00:00

Import of historical mISDN CVS tree

Updated 2022-04-18 15:16:31 +00:00

Import of historical isdn4linux web CVS tree

Updated 2022-04-18 15:25:46 +00:00

ISDN tapping/tracing/recording software. Allows to record D-channels as GSMTAP and can store raw B-channel data for calls as files. Supports only DAHDI for now.

Updated 2023-06-09 08:32:09 +00:00

some initial WIP hacks that hopefully will lead to a Q.931 implementation in python.

Updated 2023-10-22 16:27:45 +00:00