gnumeric plugins, particularly the pathloss plugin

Updated 2 months ago

DebugMux client for [Sony] Ericsson phones and modems

Updated 5 months ago

python libraires and command line tools for SIM/UICC/USIM/ISIM card analysis and programming.

Updated 19 hours ago

Osmocom GSM Tester, jenkins integrated GSM hardware testing

Updated 3 months ago

Osmocom Top-level Makefile and dev tools

Updated 2 weeks ago

Python scripting interface to OsmoNITB/OsmoMSC MNCC interface

Updated 2 years ago

tool for anonymization of (telecom) PCAP files

Updated 8 months ago

Old obsolete OpenBSC and OsmoSGSN HLR Management web Interface (OOHMI)

Updated 8 months ago

A command line tool for (U)SIM authentication

Updated 8 months ago

Local fork of Henryk Ploetz' smardcard shell

Updated 8 months ago

Osmcoom ADS-B test signal generator

Updated 9 months ago

Simple AIS Transmitter

Updated 9 months ago

Open Source implementation of APCO P25

Updated 1 week ago