Slides of presentations by Harald 'LaForge' Welte

Updated 1 week ago

Small tool to generate ladder diagrams for network protocols. obsoleted by mscgen.

Updated 7 days ago

Osmocom library for network/soecket abstraction and osmux audio multiplex

Updated 6 days ago

Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre

Updated 5 days ago

OsmocomBB MS-side GSM Protocol stack (L1, L2, L3) including firmware

Updated 4 days ago

SCCP + SIGTRAN (SUA/M3UA) libraries as well as OsmoSTP

Updated 3 days ago

Osmocom Home NodeB Gateway, for attaching femtocells to the 3G CN (OsmoMSC, OsmoSGSN)

Updated 2 days ago

asn1c runtime code as shared library

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 1 day ago

Osmocom docker containers

Updated 1 day ago

Official Osmocom User Manuals (shared / common parts and build scripts)

Updated 17 hours ago

Osmocom Packet control Unit (PCU): Network-side GPRS (RLC/MAC); BTS- or BSC-colocated

Updated 16 hours ago

python libraires and command line tools for SIM/UICC/USIM/ISIM card analysis and programming.

Updated 16 hours ago

Osmocom Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Updated 13 hours ago

Osmocom Continuous Integration

Updated 13 hours ago

DIAMETER-to-GSUP inter-working function (IWF)

Updated 12 hours ago

Osmocom Top-level Makefile and dev tools

Updated 12 hours ago

Osmocom's Base Station Controller for 2G mobile networks

Updated 8 hours ago

Osmocom Media Gateway (RTP proxy and RTP/E1 gateway)

Updated 8 hours ago

MNCC<->SIP bridge; attaches to OsmoMSC to interface with external SIP VoIP telephony

Updated 8 hours ago

Osmocom test suites in TTCN-3 (Eclipse Titan)

Updated 8 hours ago

Osmocom GPRS libraries

Updated 6 hours ago

Common library for all Osmocom projects (libosmocore, libosmogsm, libosmovty, libosmogb, libosmosim, libosmousb, ...)

Updated 4 hours ago