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% wrapper code between signerl/TCAP and osmo_ss7/SCCP
-copyright('Copyright (C) 2011 by Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>').
-author('Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>').
%% callbacks needed for gen_server behaviour
-export([init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2,
terminate/2, code_change/3]).
%% callbacks needed for tcap_tco_server
-export([send_primitive/2, start_user/3]).
%% our published API functions
-export([start_link/1, stop/1]).
start_link(SSN) ->
Ourname = list_to_atom("sccp_ssn" ++ integer_to_list(SSN)),
gen_server:start_link({local, Ourname}, ?MODULE, [SSN],[{debug,trace}]).
init([SSN]) when is_integer(SSN) ->
init(SSN) when is_integer(SSN) ->
ok = sccp_user:bind_ssn(SSN, undefined),
State = 1,
{ok, State}.
handle_call(stop, _From, State) ->
{stop, shutdown, State}.
handle_cast(Request, State) ->
error_logger:error_report(["unknown handle_cast",
{module, ?MODULE},
{request, Request}, {state, State}]),
{noreply, State}.
osmo_prim2signerl(#primitive{subsystem='N', gen_name='UNITDATA',
spec_name=Spec, parameters=Msg}) ->
Params = Msg#sccp_msg.parameters,
CalledAddr = proplists:get_value(called_party_addr, Params),
CallingAddr = proplists:get_value(calling_party_addr, Params),
UserData = proplists:get_value(user_data, Params),
% FIXME: doesn't always exist!
%{PC, Opt} = proplists:get_value(protocol_class, Params),
Rec = #'N-UNITDATA'{calledAddress = CalledAddr,
callingAddress = CallingAddr,
sequenceControl = undefined,
returnOption = undefined,
importance = undefined,
userData = UserData},
{'N','UNITDATA', Spec, Rec}.
% incoming message from
handle_info({sccp, P= #primitive{subsystem='N',
spec_name=indication}}, State) ->
% this is really ugly, we need to make TCO understand #primitives
gen_server:cast(self(), osmo_prim2signerl(P)),
{noreply, State};
handle_info({sccp, P= #primitive{subsystem='N',
spec_name=indication}}, State) ->
% this is really ugly, we need to make TCO understand #primitives
%gen_server:cast(self(), osmo_prim2signerl(P)),
error_logger:error_report(["unimplemented N-NOTICE.ind",
{module, ?MODULE},
{sccp, P}, {state, State}]),
{noreply, State};
handle_info(Info, State) ->
error_logger:error_report(["unknown handle_info",
{module, ?MODULE},
{info, Info}, {state, State}]),
{noreply, State}.
terminate(Reason, State) ->
io:format("osmo_sccp_tcap terminating with Reason ~w", [Reason]),
%% @spec (NSAP) -> ok
%% NSAP = pid()
%% @doc Stop an sccp server.
%% <p>Closes an SCCP service access point (SAP).</p>
%% <p><tt>NSAP</tt> is a pid returned from a previous call to
%% <tt>start_link/2,3,7</tt>.</p>
stop(NSAP) ->
gen_server:call(NSAP, stop).
% message coming down from TCO to SCCP, to be transmitted
send_primitive({'N', 'UNITDATA', request, #'N-UNITDATA'{calledAddress = Called,
callingAddress = Calling,
sequenceControl = Seq,
returnOption = RetOpt,
importance = Imp,
userData = UserData}=Par}, State) ->
ClassOut = protocol_class(tcap_to_osmo, {Seq, RetOpt}),
UserDataOut = iolist_to_binary(UserData),
% Build an osmo_ss7 primitive
Prim = osmo_util:make_prim('N', 'UNITDATA', request,
[{called_party_addr, Called},
{calling_party_addr, Calling},
{protocol_class, ClassOut},
{user_data, UserDataOut}]),
% send primitive to SCCP code
gen_fsm:send_event(sccp_scrc, Prim).
% TCAP has received the start of a new dialogue, return pid() of new user
start_user({DhaPid, CcoPid}, DialogueID, State) ->
tcap_test_user:start_link({DhaPid,CcoPid}, DialogueID).
% convert signerl format to osmo format
protocol_class(tcap_to_osmo, {SeqIn, ReturnIn}) ->
case SeqIn of
true ->
Class = 1;
_ ->
Class = 0
case ReturnIn of
true ->
{Class, 8};
_ ->
{Class, 0}
code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
{ok, State}.