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Osmocom DIAMETER -> GSUP translator

This project implements a proxy translating Diameter into GSUP, hence allowing Diameter clients connecting to GSUP server. This allows, for instance, using OsmoHLR as an HSS used by 4G/5G nodes.


Install erlang and rebar3 packages (not "rebar", that's version 2! You may need to compile it from source in some distros).

$ rebar3 compile
$ rebar3 escriptize


Unit tests can be run this way:

$ rebar3 eunit


Once osmo_dia2gsup is built, you can start it this way:

$ rebar3 shell

Passing a config file:

$ rebar3 shell --config ./examples/sys.config

Running it as an escript:

$ rebar3 escriptize
$ ERL_FLAGS='-config ./examples/sys.config' _build/default/bin/osmo-dia2gsup

Build a new release

rebar3 release