contrib/ remove erlang bytecode from checkouts

The checkout directory should only contains source and no erlang bytecode.
Otherwise it might not compile when creating the build_dep.tar.gz on a machine
with newer erlang and try to build the package on a system with older erlang.

Change-Id: I101119392c6d0fad264c2551fded10288c87da5e
Alexander Couzens 2022-08-30 14:07:35 +02:00 committed by lynxis lazus
parent 742f8d5b0f
commit b88b1564fc
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@ -14,4 +14,6 @@ rebar3 get-deps
mkdir _checkouts
mv ./_build/default/lib/* _checkouts/
mv ./_build/default/plugins/* _checkouts/
# delete erlang bytecode
find _checkouts/ -iname '*beam' -delete
tar czf build_dep.tar.gz ./_checkouts