bgt-pwr-dist: Increase restring on bottom side

(v2 only increased it on top side, my mistake)
Incremental fix for 84166fd4ab
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Harald Welte 2022-02-14 20:42:40 +01:00
parent d08d39b1bf
commit 14b64634fa
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -1713,8 +1713,8 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<param name="rlMaxPadTop" value="0.8mm"/>
<param name="rlMinPadInner" value="10mil"/>
<param name="rlMaxPadInner" value="20mil"/>
<param name="rlMinPadBottom" value="10mil"/>
<param name="rlMaxPadBottom" value="20mil"/>
<param name="rlMinPadBottom" value="0.6mm"/>
<param name="rlMaxPadBottom" value="0.8mm"/>
<param name="rlMinViaOuter" value="8mil"/>
<param name="rlMaxViaOuter" value="20mil"/>
<param name="rlMinViaInner" value="8mil"/>