Firmware projects based on libopencm3
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Harald Welte 7527cab6d8 add missing 1 year ago
contrib add contrib/ for build verification and publcation of builds 1 year ago
libcommon microvty: Implement backspace and ctrl+c support; ignnore TAB + ESC 1 year ago
libopencm3@32da9f931b update libopencm3 to use the vector.h slot addition 1 year ago
librfm3 import librfm3 from 1 year ago
librfn@80f85d0325 WIP: add librfn 1 year ago
mk add missing 1 year ago
projects rename relay-driver binary to directory name 1 year ago
.gitignore WIP: add librfn 1 year ago
.gitmodules update libopencm3 to osmocom fork (for vector table patch) 1 year ago
Makefile initial checkin of rfdsatt (clone of stm32 usart example) 1 year ago