README: flag the wildwest-N preview branches

Hey, we have a readme, let's keep it up to date?
Karl Palsson 2 years ago
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commit 3afd16b5d9
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@ -40,6 +40,11 @@ From 0.8.0 to 1.0, we'll atempt to follow semver, but **EXPECT CHANGES**, as we
attempt to clear up old APIs and remove deprecated functions. The 0.8.0 tag was
placed to provide the "old stable" point before all the new code started landing.
_preview_ code often lands in the "wildwest-N" branches that appear and disappear
in the repository. Pull requests marked as "merged-dev" will be in this branch,
and will be closed when they merge to master. This is useful for bigger
interdependent patch sets, and also allows review of merge conflicts in public.
From 1.0, expect to follow semver, with functions (and defines!) being deprecated for
a release before being removed.