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PCAP Library with DECT support
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* Internal details for libpcap on DOS.
* 32-bit targets: djgpp, Pharlap or DOS4GW.
* @(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/libpcap/pcap-dos.h,v 1.1 2004-12-18 08:52:10 guy Exp $ (LBL)
#ifndef __PCAP_DOS_H
#define __PCAP_DOS_H
#ifdef __DJGPP__
#include <pc.h> /* simple non-conio kbhit */
#include <conio.h>
typedef int BOOL;
typedef unsigned char BYTE;
typedef unsigned short WORD;
typedef unsigned long DWORD;
typedef BYTE ETHER[6];
#define ETH_ALEN sizeof(ETHER) /* Ether address length */
#define ETH_HLEN (2*ETH_ALEN+2) /* Ether header length */
#define ETH_MTU 1500
#define ETH_MIN 60
#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
#define PHARLAP 1
#define DJGPP 2
#define DOS4GW 4
#ifdef __DJGPP__
#undef DOSX
#define DOSX DJGPP
#ifdef __WATCOMC__
#undef DOSX
#define DOSX DOS4GW
#ifdef __HIGHC__
#include <pharlap.h>
#undef DOSX
#define inline
typedef unsigned int UINT;
#if defined(__GNUC__) || defined(__HIGHC__)
typedef unsigned long long uint64;
typedef unsigned long long QWORD;
#if defined(__WATCOMC__)
typedef unsigned __int64 uint64;
typedef unsigned __int64 QWORD;
#define ARGSUSED(x) (void) x
#if defined (__SMALL__) || defined(__LARGE__)
#define DOSX 0
#elif !defined(DOSX)
#error DOSX not defined; 1 = PharLap, 2 = djgpp, 4 = DOS4GW
#ifdef __HIGHC__
#define min(a,b) _min(a,b)
#define max(a,b) _max(a,b)
#ifndef min
#define min(a,b) ((a) < (b) ? (a) : (b))
#ifndef max
#define max(a,b) ((a) < (b) ? (b) : (a))
#if !defined(_U_) && defined(__GNUC__)
#define _U_ __attribute__((unused))
#ifndef _U_
#define _U_
#if defined(USE_32BIT_DRIVERS)
#include "msdos/pm_drvr/lock.h"
extern struct device el2_dev LOCKED_VAR; /* 3Com EtherLink II */
extern struct device el3_dev LOCKED_VAR; /* EtherLink III */
extern struct device tc59_dev LOCKED_VAR; /* 3Com Vortex Card (?) */
extern struct device tc515_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device tc90x_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device tc90bcx_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device wd_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device ne_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device acct_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device cs89_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device rtl8139_dev LOCKED_VAR;
struct rx_ringbuf {
volatile int in_index; /* queue index head */
int out_index; /* queue index tail */
int elem_size; /* size of each element */
int num_elem; /* number of elements */
char *buf_start; /* start of buffer pool */
struct rx_elem {
DWORD size; /* size copied to this element */
BYTE data[ETH_MAX+10]; /* add some margin. data[0] should be */
}; /* dword aligned */
extern BYTE *get_rxbuf (int len) LOCKED_FUNC;
extern int peek_rxbuf (BYTE **buf);
extern int release_rxbuf (BYTE *buf);
#define LOCKED_VAR
struct device {
const char *name;
const char *long_name;
DWORD base_addr; /* device I/O address */
int irq; /* device IRQ number */
int dma; /* DMA channel */
DWORD mem_start; /* shared mem start */
DWORD mem_end; /* shared mem end */
DWORD rmem_start; /* shmem "recv" start */
DWORD rmem_end; /* shared "recv" end */
struct device *next; /* next device in list */
/* interface service routines */
int (*probe)(struct device *dev);
int (*open) (struct device *dev);
void (*close)(struct device *dev);
int (*xmit) (struct device *dev, const void *buf, int len);
void *(*get_stats)(struct device *dev);
void (*set_multicast_list)(struct device *dev);
/* driver-to-pcap receive buffer routines */
int (*copy_rx_buf) (BYTE *buf, int max); /* rx-copy (pktdrvr only) */
BYTE *(*get_rx_buf) (int len); /* rx-buf fetch/enqueue */
int (*peek_rx_buf) (BYTE **buf); /* rx-non-copy at queue */
int (*release_rx_buf) (BYTE *buf); /* release after peek */
WORD flags; /* Low-level status flags. */
void *priv; /* private data */
* Network device statistics
typedef struct net_device_stats {
DWORD rx_packets; /* total packets received */
DWORD tx_packets; /* total packets transmitted */
DWORD rx_bytes; /* total bytes received */
DWORD tx_bytes; /* total bytes transmitted */
DWORD rx_errors; /* bad packets received */
DWORD tx_errors; /* packet transmit problems */
DWORD rx_dropped; /* no space in Rx buffers */
DWORD tx_dropped; /* no space available for Tx */
DWORD multicast; /* multicast packets received */
/* detailed rx_errors: */
DWORD rx_length_errors;
DWORD rx_over_errors; /* recv'r overrun error */
DWORD rx_osize_errors; /* recv'r over-size error */
DWORD rx_crc_errors; /* recv'd pkt with crc error */
DWORD rx_frame_errors; /* recv'd frame alignment error */
DWORD rx_fifo_errors; /* recv'r fifo overrun */
DWORD rx_missed_errors; /* recv'r missed packet */
/* detailed tx_errors */
DWORD tx_aborted_errors;
DWORD tx_carrier_errors;
DWORD tx_fifo_errors;
DWORD tx_heartbeat_errors;
DWORD tx_window_errors;
DWORD tx_collisions;
DWORD tx_jabbers;
extern struct device *active_dev LOCKED_VAR;
extern const struct device *dev_base LOCKED_VAR;
extern struct device *probed_dev;
extern int pcap_pkt_debug;
extern void _w32_os_yield (void); /* Watt-32's misc.c */
#ifdef NDEBUG
#define PCAP_ASSERT(x) ((void)0)
void pcap_assert (const char *what, const char *file, unsigned line);
#define PCAP_ASSERT(x) do { \
if (!(x)) \
pcap_assert (#x, __FILE__, __LINE__); \
} while (0)
#endif /* __PCAP_DOS_H */