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guy 83206d9b13 Fix more references to point to the SourceForge 15 years ago
guy 757827db5f packaging/pcap.spec is generated from packaging/; don't 15 years ago
guy 084bcf12ea Put the public libpcap headers into a pcap subdirectory in both the 17 years ago
mcr eb9ec105d1 update changes file 19 years ago
mcr 50c4867b89 work-in-progress pcap format 1.0. 19 years ago
guy 2d2890dd37 Add support for sending packets; includes contributions from Mark 19 years ago
risso d1a175cf76 Added the definition of MOD_MON, required by WinPcap to work properly with some applications 19 years ago
guy c98ffbcabf Add a "pcap_get_selectable_fd()" API to get an FD on which you can do a 19 years ago
guy ba73faeef3 Add "pcap_datalink_val_to_description()", which returns, for a DLT_ 19 years ago
guy 0eac66d65e Add a "pcap_dump_file()" API to get the "FILE *" corresponding to a 19 years ago
guy 991d444f71 Add a "pcap_breakloop()" API to break out of the loop in 20 years ago
guy e0967f7bbc Add a prototype for "pcap_next_ex()", to squelch compiler complaints, 20 years ago
guy e13c350417 Add a "pcap_lib_version()" routine to return a version string for 20 years ago
guy aedf01b20f From Shaun <>: on AIX, load the BPF driver and 20 years ago
guy dc9d85f819 Make "pcap_dump_flush()" return a success-vs-failure indication; 20 years ago
guy 8cd68a0fa4 From Yoann Vandoorselaere <>: make the "device" 20 years ago
guy eca5a61ef1 From Andrew Brown <>: add a "pcap_dump_flush()" call, 20 years ago
guy 482fa426bc NetBSD support for multiple data link types on an interface, from David 20 years ago
guy 309e386870 Use <pcap-stdinc.h> only on Windows; on UNIX, selectively include, in 21 years ago
risso 6831542ec7 Added support for Win32, based on WinPcap. 21 years ago
guy 1d0879987d Make "flags" in a "struct pcap_if" a "bpf_u_int32", as requested by 21 years ago
guy a82f1618b8 Add APIs to put a "pcap_t" into or out of non-blocking mode, and to get 21 years ago
guy db79c69108 Make the "is_loopback" field of a "pcap_if" structure a general "flags" 22 years ago
guy 9c0a593a2e From Scott Gifford: 22 years ago
guy 82547471f7 When attaching a "bpf_program" to a "pcap_t" to use as a userland 23 years ago
guy c900791477 The Linux "pcap_setfilter()" makes a copy of the filter it's handed, and 23 years ago
guy 3a5713e4fc In addition to telling people not to change the format of the savefile 23 years ago
guy 2c961ff224 Get rid of the PCAP_ENCAP_ values - if an application uses them, that 23 years ago
guy 8445a15c7c Add support for NetBSD DLT_PPP_SERIAL (PPP in HDLC-like framing, as per 23 years ago
guy 781fae3571 Introduce a set of PCAP_ENCAP_ codes to specify packet encapsulations. 23 years ago
guy 74ab49bec1 Add comments telling people not to gratuitously change the capture file 23 years ago
guy 84f822f4d8 Pick up, from the FreeBSD libpcap, changes to surround all declarations with 23 years ago
assar 5ea9c97fb8 (pcap_open_dead, bpf_validate, bpf_dump): add 23 years ago
mcr e660fb6947 This adds a new function that allows using the bpf compiler without 23 years ago
mcr b11ddf8a9b Initial revision 24 years ago