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Mike Frysinger 16f6b49c87 Use config.status to generate pcap-config. 12 years ago
Guy Harris 7cd4949d49 Oops, close a quote. 14 years ago
Guy Harris db68de2198 Add a way to have pcap-config supply the appropriate rpath flag, if any. 14 years ago
Guy Harris 8fb603979c At least with some C compilers, "-Lfoo" is not the same as "-L foo" - 14 years ago
Guy Harris 95c97b9b6f Make ADDLOBJ be the list of additional objects to link in when building 14 years ago
Guy Harris 4da1fd6159 Add a --additional-libs flag to pcap-config, to write out any additional 14 years ago
Guy Harris 91584dc5c5 By default, don't include DEPLIBS in the libraries flags, as a 14 years ago
guy ad68762c8e Add a pcap-config script, to handle necessary -I/-L flags and any 15 years ago