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To make a full build with board programming please run the following set of commands:
$ cd [prj_root]/src
$ make BUILD=hw_recovery all
$ make all
$ cp -rv [prj_root]/proprietary_tree/rootfs [prj_root]
$ cp -rv [prj_root]/proprietary_tree/out [prj_root]
$ make all
$ PROGRAM_PORT=/dev/ttyUSBX make program
PROGRAM_PORT is where a programmer is connected
Building recovery image is optional. You may skip this and answer "yes" when asked whether it is ok to leave empty space where recovery image should be.
If something goes really wrong, try:
$ make mrproper && make $* clean
you should then be back at square zero.
Note: If you omit proprietary files, project will still build and run, but will not be functional.