An implementation of Analog cellular networks like A-Netz, B-Netz, C-Netz, NMT, AMPS, TACS, JTACS, Radiocom 2000, IMTS, MPT1327, Eurosignal and more
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This software implements base station protocol of classic mobile phones. With
radio transmitter and receiver connected to one sound card and a headset
connected to another sound card, it is possible to make and receive calls to
and from mobile phone. Currently supported networks:

 * A-Netz
 * B-Netz (ATF-1)
 * C-Netz
 * NMT 450 (Nordic Mobile Telephone)
 * AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System)



Carsten Wollesen for donating Telefunken 4015 B-Netz phone back in the 90's.

Klaus Adler for helping me to retrieve complete NMT specification and donating
a BSA44 (magnetic card C-Netz hackable phone) back in the 90's.

Andy Zauner for providing signaling specification of C-Netz back in the 90's.

Hans Wigger for providing valuable informations about A-Netz and B-Netz and
helping me to get an A-Netz phone.

Stephan Hessberger for his work on, that provides valuable informations
about A-Netz, B-Netz and C-Netz.

Friedhelm Hillebrand for providing complete specification of the mobile phone
of C-Netz.

Mikko Ristila for providing newer NMT specs (with DMS/SMS specifications).

Dieter and Mark for prividing AMPS specifications and tester recordings to
verify and debug AMPS support.