An implementation of Analog cellular networks like A-Netz, B-Netz, C-Netz, NMT, AMPS, TACS, JTACS, Radiocom 2000, IMTS, MPT1327, Eurosignal and more
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#include <stdint.h>
static int16_t pattern[] = {
0x0004, 0xffe9, 0xffc9, 0xffac, 0xff92, 0xff83, 0xff75, 0xff56,
0xff40, 0xff2b, 0xff25, 0xff2b, 0xff1f, 0xff1b, 0xff32, 0xff6a,
0xffcb, 0x00a2, 0x01cb, 0x02e2, 0x0373, 0x0369, 0x030a, 0x0268,
0x01a9, 0x00d9, 0xffc2, 0xfeb4, 0xfddc, 0xfd4f, 0xfce3, 0xfc8d,
0xfc6c, 0xfcb2, 0xfd1c, 0xfd99, 0xfe2b, 0xff27, 0x000a, 0x013e,
0x030f, 0x036f, 0x0341, 0x0374, 0x03c1, 0x03c7, 0x02f2, 0x01b9,
0x00e3, 0x004f, 0xff8f, 0xfe87, 0xfda0, 0xfd40, 0xfd32, 0xfd49,
0xfd2a, 0xfd3d, 0xfda1, 0xfe3a, 0xfee4, 0xff6d, 0x0002, 0x00b9,
0x0145, 0x01db, 0x0241, 0x025b, 0x0262, 0x025f, 0x01bf, 0x0169,
0x0134, 0x0085, 0x0028, 0xffd7, 0xfef3, 0xfe9c, 0xfec7, 0xfe45,
0xfe45, 0xfe59, 0xfe55, 0xfec3, 0xff2a, 0xffc8, 0xffe0, 0x006a,
0x0162, 0x00c2, 0x010b, 0x0179, 0x015e, 0x00f2, 0x007f, 0x009e,
0x0072, 0x00ab, 0xffb6, 0xff70, 0x003a, 0xff02, 0xfedf, 0xff4c,
0xff22, 0xff0e, 0xfeb9, 0xff3d, 0xff62, 0xff8c, 0x00ce, 0xffd2,
0xff9f, 0x017b, 0x013d, 0x00f3, 0x012e, 0x004e, 0x0081, 0x0077,
0xffba, 0xffe5, 0x002b, 0x008c, 0xffc9, 0xff4d, 0xffc5, 0x0022,
0x00d0, 0xfff4, 0xff82, 0xff9e, 0xff50, 0xff50, 0xfeb7, 0xff82,
0x0051, 0xffcb, 0xffa0, 0xfff2, 0x0050, 0xffc1, 0x004a, 0x023c,
0x012d, 0x0018, 0x0161, 0x0095, 0x0135, 0x0014, 0xff45, 0x0011,
0x0117, 0x0072, 0xfc89, 0x0370, 0x03a0, 0x05a0, 0x01f7, 0x0967,
0x1822, 0xf2cb, 0xe4e2, 0xe57f, 0xd776, 0xe9f6, 0xf5bb, 0xfc27,
0x1595, 0x23e7, 0x21f5, 0x1753, 0x1a08, 0x26eb, 0x1a72, 0x0c7c,
0x001e, 0xe797, 0xd9df, 0xda14, 0xdd93, 0xd899, 0xd4c1, 0xe25e,
0xe7ba, 0xf67b, 0x1d50, 0x2cbd, 0x2940, 0x24e7, 0x277f, 0x2ba5,
0x2361, 0x2053, 0x0e46, 0xe7d1, 0xd654, 0xd9fa, 0xdda9, 0xd6b0,
0xd1d3, 0xdaa2, 0xde9e, 0xeed9, 0x1663, 0x2855, 0x2644, 0x2489,
0x2303, 0x2583, 0x2102, 0x1de4, 0x0c20, 0xea89, 0xdd31, 0xe287,
0xe743, 0xdaf7, 0xd314, 0xde3c, 0xe481, 0xf661, 0x1c52, 0x288b,
0x1b7a, 0x1844, 0x23b5, 0x2a05, 0x2239, 0x169f, 0x04a7, 0xea9d,
0xdb4c, 0xdcca, 0xe12d, 0xdb72, 0xd4d4, 0xdea4, 0xe6d7, 0xf747,
0x1ae7, 0x2b19, 0x2582, 0x2091, 0x273c, 0x2a1e, 0x1d7e, 0x17df,
0x0837, 0xe881, 0xdb4e, 0xdf81, 0xdf33, 0xd6c6, 0xd54e, 0xdcb5,
0xe1f3, 0xf890, 0x1bbe, 0x2868, 0x227e, 0x1c92, 0x260d, 0x2b62,
0x2082, 0x1a91, 0x0864, 0xe75f, 0xd979, 0xdf72, 0xe1f7, 0xd799,
0xd499, 0xdd37, 0xe310, 0xfc1c, 0x2085, 0x2966, 0x1f41, 0x1b8d,
0x259a, 0x2a43, 0x22d9, 0x192a, 0xffe0, 0xe26e, 0xdaad, 0xe16d,
0xe1bb, 0xd62c, 0xd3d4, 0xddcf, 0xe53c, 0x008a, 0x2315, 0x28ae,
0x219d, 0x1f99, 0x2835, 0x28bf, 0x2124, 0x1baa, 0xffe2, 0xde80,
0xd886, 0xe110, 0xdf02, 0xd453, 0xd50b, 0xdbea, 0xe5a8, 0x064d,
0x242b, 0x2902, 0x2376, 0x200d, 0x2819, 0x282d, 0x21ad, 0x1879,
0xf9d0, 0xdcc7, 0xd869, 0xdfc9, 0xde60, 0xd496, 0xd62e, 0xdc40,
0xe92b, 0x0bb1, 0x2631, 0x2704, 0x20b7, 0x21fe, 0x286d, 0x25fc,
0x20a7, 0x1461, 0xf346, 0xda0b, 0xdbb7, 0xe190, 0xdaf5, 0xd396,
0xdbd2, 0xdf54, 0xeba7, 0x1426, 0x29ee, 0x26ed, 0x2160, 0x2335,
0x297c, 0x25a5, 0x1eaf, 0x0ce9, 0xec69, 0xd750, 0xd9ca, 0xe073,
0xd9ac, 0xd345, 0xd994, 0xe07d, 0xf5ce, 0x1a91, 0x2a2b, 0x25bf,
0x20a4, 0x2596, 0x29c6, 0x2377, 0x1c64, 0x064d, 0xe5e6, 0xd8bf,
0xde68, 0xe1b8, 0xd81f, 0xd360, 0xda7f, 0xe288, 0xfc65, 0x1f51,
0x294f, 0x2256, 0x1eea, 0x2641, 0x28fe, 0x24dd, 0x1b81, 0xfe12,
0xe0ca, 0xda89, 0xe0a1, 0xe057, 0xd67e, 0xd5c4, 0xdba1, 0xe31a,
0x0556, 0x266b, 0x28f2, 0x218b, 0x1f44, 0x2717, 0x27c7, 0x21d9,
0x15c9, 0xf747, 0xdd97, 0xda9b, 0xe23c, 0xdf46, 0xd419, 0xd634,
0xdd0d, 0xe9eb, 0x0c96, 0x25e2, 0x2644, 0x1fea, 0x2041, 0x28d1,
0x26c1, 0x20e0, 0x164b, 0xf5db, 0xdba5, 0xdafe, 0xe1c5, 0xddad,
0xd3c4, 0xd6ee, 0xdb8c, 0xeb0b, 0x1395, 0x294b, 0x24c4, 0x1ee4,
0x228c, 0x29a9, 0x2581, 0x2093, 0x0fad, 0xed42, 0xdad5, 0xddeb,
0xe34b, 0xdc1a, 0xd323, 0xd912, 0xdde6, 0xf057, 0x1964, 0x2aea,
0x234d, 0x1bfe, 0x2106, 0x29f9, 0x25e5, 0x20eb, 0x0e12, 0xe980,
0xd698, 0xdcad, 0xe4c9, 0xdb65, 0xd2a4, 0xd913, 0xde59, 0xf3b4,
0x1a85, 0x29cb, 0x24bc, 0x1fab, 0x2359, 0x29a8, 0x244a, 0x1e3e,
0x0bac, 0xe9bf, 0xd8b8, 0xdc3e, 0xe1a6, 0xda33, 0xd318, 0xd8ac,
0xdd33, 0xf4ec, 0x1d03, 0x2a42, 0x2527, 0x1fac, 0x2303, 0x2a52,
0x25db, 0x2117, 0x0bf0, 0xe6e8, 0xd6d7, 0xdd56, 0xe3e0, 0xda45,
0xd268, 0xd8aa, 0xdcb1, 0xf2f1, 0x1bac, 0x2a58, 0x24ed, 0x1f57,
0x22fb, 0x2a21, 0x2582, 0x2095, 0x0bbc, 0xe7b8, 0xd84e, 0xdd09,
0xe20c, 0xdaea, 0xd3a3, 0xd9fe, 0xdef1, 0xf1fb, 0x1996, 0x29f6,
0x250b, 0x1f6c, 0x228c, 0x2a58, 0x263e, 0x20f1, 0x0d9f, 0xe85d,
0xd74b, 0xdd4e, 0xe27f, 0xdb5f, 0xd335, 0xd7e2, 0xdd4f, 0xf294,
0x1a85, 0x2978, 0x24e8, 0x2044, 0x22bd, 0x2a07, 0x2698, 0x20da,
0x0b78, 0xe654, 0xd795, 0xde86, 0xe30d, 0xdbd1, 0xd447, 0xd9c3,
0xe030, 0xf3d3, 0x18e2, 0x28c7, 0x2497, 0x1f3a, 0x2259, 0x28fa,
0x2565, 0x1f47, 0x09e5, 0xe7ef, 0xd93b, 0xdd93, 0xe2cd, 0xdb76,
0xd2a9, 0xd8eb, 0xdfe5, 0xf38a, 0x1a10, 0x29f4, 0x2439, 0x1e81,
0x22ff, 0x2a74, 0x25eb, 0x20c6, 0x0bd4, 0xe7ba, 0xd781, 0xdcf1,
0xe451, 0xdc04, 0xd2a4, 0xda99, 0xe0ff, 0xf41a, 0x1999, 0x28b7,
0x2477, 0x1d6e, 0x20f7, 0x2a37, 0x2552, 0x1f54, 0x0ab8, 0xe772,
0xd8a3, 0xdd16, 0xe1a4, 0xd9bd, 0xd2e9, 0xda7c, 0xe02a, 0xf636,
0x1d2e, 0x2a1a, 0x24c8, 0x1f54, 0x237b, 0x2a4c, 0x24f2, 0x1e74,
0x07b6, 0xe5a7, 0xd903, 0xddb4, 0xe0fa, 0xd993, 0xd42a, 0xdb0b,
0xe0db, 0xf862, 0x1e38, 0x292b, 0x22f0, 0x1eb2, 0x244f, 0x299d,
0x24b2, 0x1e8b, 0x061b, 0xe3a7, 0xd7d0, 0xddc3, 0xe133, 0xd8b8,
0xd486, 0xda97, 0xe027, 0xfd4c, 0x21e4, 0x28be, 0x224f, 0x1e61,
0x25ab, 0x2a10, 0x24a1, 0x1c33, 0xffb1, 0xe073, 0xda34, 0xe103,
0xe143, 0xd6b3, 0xd4d6, 0xdabf, 0xe278, 0x050a, 0x2559, 0x2724,
0x206c, 0x1d8a, 0x2623, 0x28db, 0x222f, 0x1869, 0xfb0c, 0xdebe,
0xda88, 0xe128, 0xdfc6, 0xd4e6, 0xd695, 0xde27, 0xe839, 0x0b4a,
0x26b5, 0x25f1, 0x1f74, 0x2018, 0x28ea, 0x270e, 0x1fb1, 0x14a9,
0xf54d, 0xda7d, 0xda17, 0xe1c9, 0xde39, 0xd508, 0xd7f5, 0xddaa,
0xec1c, 0x1297, 0x2932, 0x2584, 0x1fa5, 0x215e, 0x298f, 0x2724,
0x20c7, 0x109e, 0xed5e, 0xd7c0, 0xdb2f, 0xe1bb, 0xdb69, 0xd2df,
0xd833, 0xdec4, 0xf22c, 0x18dc, 0x2a35, 0x251b, 0x1f3f, 0x22a6,
0x2a07, 0x2615, 0x1feb, 0x0d08, 0xe995, 0xd820, 0xdd3a, 0xe150,
0xd98f, 0xd300, 0xda0b, 0xdfb7, 0xf414, 0x1b1b, 0x295b, 0x2333,
0x1e69, 0x23db, 0x2a7e, 0x2537, 0x1fd9, 0x09db, 0xe659, 0xd871,
0xdede, 0xe3c8, 0xd989, 0xd253, 0xd979, 0xdf1c, 0xf7d6, 0x1ec3,
0x2a2e, 0x21e5, 0x1c2f, 0x2436, 0x2a4f, 0x241a, 0x1d05, 0x0548,
0xe44d, 0xd8ae, 0xe0d5, 0xe4c8, 0xd84f, 0xd298, 0xdb09, 0xe0bc,
0xfc25, 0x22aa, 0x2a75, 0x2218, 0x1e12, 0x2681, 0x2aa6, 0x2457,
0x1d91, 0x0159, 0xdf33, 0xd67b, 0xdf48, 0xe226, 0xd631, 0xd376,
0xdb34, 0xe091, 0xfe8f, 0x241d, 0x2a87, 0x2332, 0x1f86, 0x2611,
0x28fe, 0x23d2, 0x1ef8, 0x02cd, 0xdefa, 0xd5ef, 0xddf6, 0xe12f,
0xd735, 0xd3f5, 0xdb0c, 0xdfb9, 0xfd66, 0x248b, 0x2bca, 0x241a,
0x1ef6, 0x25b8, 0x2a2a, 0x246a, 0x1eaa, 0x0248, 0xdf8e, 0xd747,
0xde8f, 0xe1e0, 0xd827, 0xd3cf, 0xda8e, 0xe007, 0xfb3b, 0x219f,
0x2ac7, 0x231d, 0x1ea4, 0x255e, 0x2a2e, 0x2489, 0x1eeb, 0x05a9,
0xe2e8, 0xd805, 0xdeb4, 0xe283, 0xd8b3, 0xd2f3, 0xd9dd, 0xdf63,
0xf8d6, 0x1fce, 0x2a7b, 0x237f, 0x1f85, 0x2509, 0x29a5, 0x24ec,
0x1f8d, 0x06e5, 0xe2c8, 0xd692, 0xddac, 0xe1d4, 0xd909, 0xd37a,
0xd98a, 0xdf3f, 0xf7fd, 0x1eac, 0x2ac7, 0x2486, 0x1ff2, 0x24a9,
0x2a5f, 0x256b, 0x1ebc, 0x075f, 0xe45a, 0xd75e, 0xde5a, 0xe284,
0xd97f, 0xd3be, 0xd9c8, 0xdf75, 0xf6cd, 0x1c9d, 0x2996, 0x23e3,
0x1f19, 0x24a0, 0x2a81, 0x25aa, 0x1fd7, 0x0766, 0xe44d, 0xd870,
0xdf09, 0xe30d, 0xd922, 0xd249, 0xd985, 0xdf20, 0xf54d, 0x1c2b,
0x29cb, 0x2445, 0x1f54, 0x241e, 0x2aa5, 0x25c2, 0x1ff3, 0x093b,
0xe5e2, 0xd837, 0xde46, 0xe316, 0xda28, 0xd2d7, 0xd90b, 0xdecc,
0xf4d6, 0x1bff, 0x2ae4, 0x24c1, 0x1ed5, 0x237a, 0x2a79, 0x25e4,
0x1f1b, 0x08a0, 0xe65e, 0xd8c0, 0xde21, 0xe22f, 0xd9ce, 0xd2fa,
0xd8e6, 0xdf57, 0xf53f, 0x1c1f, 0x2a52, 0x2463, 0x204f, 0x2433,
0x2a69, 0x2613, 0x1f9c, 0x0920, 0xe4b9, 0xd761, 0xde2f, 0xe19a,
0xd93c, 0xd275, 0xd912, 0xdfbc, 0xf698, 0x1dbe, 0x2a7f, 0x248e,
0x20dd, 0x253c, 0x2a69, 0x2548, 0x1ef1, 0x07b5, 0xe3c2, 0xd798,
0xdda0, 0xdf93, 0xd788, 0xd3d0, 0xdbfd, 0xe14e, 0xf8b2, 0x1ec1,
0x2a28, 0x22bf, 0x1f01, 0x25ff, 0x29be, 0x23e3, 0x1c79, 0x035e,
0xe2e4, 0xd967, 0xdfab, 0xe0b6, 0xd72f, 0xd40b, 0xdb3c, 0xe221,
0xfebc, 0x2357, 0x29b3, 0x215e, 0x1f1a, 0x2713, 0x2984, 0x2351,
0x1b42, 0xfecf, 0xde84, 0xd924, 0xe111, 0xe055, 0xd556, 0xd45e,
0xdc5f, 0xe47f, 0x04ac, 0x2566, 0x2835, 0x2184, 0x2118, 0x2895,
0x28ad, 0x22d1, 0x17ec, 0xf7d3, 0xdc2b, 0xdaa9, 0xe14f, 0xde61,
0xd468, 0xd5c2, 0xdca4, 0xe7da, 0x0b3d, 0x27bf, 0x2744, 0x211e,
0x21d8, 0x2890, 0x26a2, 0x216a, 0x136c, 0xf187, 0xd894, 0xdca4,
0xe06d, 0xde67, 0xdf37, 0xd7a6, 0xda60, 0xeb63, 0x0fcd, 0x2907,
0x25e0, 0x1fb7, 0x20d5, 0x29a4, 0x26be, 0x207d, 0x1143, 0xeecc,
0xd932, 0xdb55, 0xe1fc, 0xdcc3, 0xd396, 0xd79d, 0xde85, 0xeec3,
0x1396, 0x2913, 0x25da, 0x1fe6, 0x2297, 0x2a00, 0x262c, 0x1f8f,
0x0ed2, 0xed2b, 0xd99d, 0xdcca, 0xe269, 0xdbbc, 0xd288, 0xd7ab,
0xdeb8, 0xf0ac, 0x178c, 0x29fa, 0x249a, 0x1e38, 0x2246, 0x2abe,
0x258f, 0x1dee, 0x0a53, 0xe9a5, 0xda49, 0xde75, 0xe440, 0xdc8d,
0xd2fd, 0xd93e, 0xe1aa, 0xf49a, 0x19c7, 0x2989, 0x23c5, 0x1f8b,
0x22b2, 0x2901, 0x2421, 0x1cf0, 0x099c, 0xe7f4, 0xd968, 0xde88,
0xe307, 0xdb95, 0xd2cf, 0xd945, 0xe0e2, 0xf583, 0x1c2e, 0x2a3a,
0x23c5, 0x1dac, 0x216a, 0x2a2d, 0x2614, 0x1ea8, 0x08a7, 0xe64c,
0xd801, 0xdeec, 0xe5b9, 0xdd89, 0xd1a0, 0xd4b1, 0xdbc0, 0xe7dc,
0x0d71, 0x28a8, 0x2779, 0x238a, 0x232b, 0x290c, 0x2975, 0x23b3,
0x160e, 0xf5a1, 0xd923, 0xd7ba, 0xe01a, 0xddc9, 0xd493, 0xd64a,
0xe11e, 0xe5fe, 0x0b8d, 0x296e, 0x23b4, 0x2cbc, 0x250a, 0x0cd4,
0x0257, 0x0762, 0x0e5f, 0x0a2a, 0xfb3d, 0xf1ea, 0xf764, 0xf951,
0xf4be, 0xee32, 0xed9c, 0xf596, 0xf92e, 0xf969, 0xf9ee, 0xfc48,
0x01a3, 0x057f, 0x05cb, 0x04a3, 0x06c8, 0x0a5d, 0x0ae3, 0x0932,
0x06a8, 0x03f7, 0x039e, 0x028a, 0xffd3, 0xfeeb, 0xfdcb, 0xfb6c,
0xfa68, 0xfa7b, 0xfaf0, 0xfbfb, 0xfc13, 0xfb6b, 0xfb93, 0xfc5a,
0xfd8a, 0x008d, 0x0256, 0x0152, 0x013b, 0x025e, 0x0359, 0x0474,
0x0505, 0x0495, 0x0441, 0x0288, 0x0092, 0x00f9, 0x011c, 0xff6b,
0xfe78, 0xfe18, 0xfc7f, 0xfb42, 0xfca7, 0xfd32, 0xfb8c, 0xfbeb,
0xfd9c, 0xff71, 0x0130, 0x020d, 0x02b3, 0x028c, 0x01d8, 0x033a,
0x0476, 0x03e1, 0x029b, 0x01cb, 0x0119, 0x00d2, 0x0165, 0x0025,
0xfe8a, 0xfc11, 0xf9f2, 0xfab0, 0xfaa0, 0xfa9a, 0xfce0, 0xfe08,
0xfe75, 0x0105, 0x0337, 0x03ea, 0x0434, 0x03ef, 0x03b0, 0x0404,
0x042f, 0x03c3, 0x0305, 0x00ef, 0xff59, 0xfeee, 0xfe4a, 0xfdb8,
0xfc9e, 0xfc3c, 0xfc73, 0xfcc2, 0xfd07, 0xfcb8, 0xfd99, 0xff0c,
0xffbe, 0x0064, 0x00f3, 0x012d, 0x0277, 0x034f, 0x028f, 0x028b,
0x02e7, 0x0231, 0x01b5, 0x0148, 0x0138, 0x00fc, 0x0033, 0x0007,
0xfe94, 0xfd82, 0xfda5, 0xfd78, 0xfd0f, 0xfd61, 0xfdfa, 0xfe98,
0xff23, 0xff85, 0x0009, 0x00b8, 0x0156, 0x0102, 0x0258, 0x0278,
0x01ba, 0x023a, 0x00fd, 0x00d5, 0x009d, 0xff5b, 0xff67, 0xff49,
0xff35, 0xffdb, 0xff7a, 0xff15, 0xff30, 0xfee0, 0xfe9a, 0xfebe,
0xff20, 0xff76, 0x0071, 0x00a5, 0xffef, 0x0034, 0x00c3, 0x01ce,
0x0174, 0x0035, 0x0078, 0x007c, 0x00aa, 0x0081, 0xfffd, 0xfff1,
0xff44, 0xfec8, 0xff2b, 0xff81, 0xffa6, 0x002a, 0x0010, 0xff90,
0xff80, 0x0044, 0x0012, 0xffa7, 0x0060, 0x0007, 0xffd9, 0x0079,
0x008f, 0x0099, 0x001c, 0xffa8, 0xff93, 0xff52, 0xff9a, 0x0060,
extern int16_t *busy_spl;
extern int busy_size;
extern int busy_max;
extern int16_t *congestion_spl;
extern int congestion_size;
extern int congestion_max;
void init_besetzton(void)
busy_spl = pattern;
busy_size = sizeof(pattern) / sizeof(pattern[0]);
busy_max = 8 * 750;
congestion_spl = pattern;
congestion_size = sizeof(pattern) / sizeof(pattern[0]);
congestion_max = 8 * 750;