An implementation of Analog cellular networks like A-Netz, B-Netz, C-Netz, NMT, AMPS, TACS, JTACS, Radiocom 2000, IMTS, MPT1327, Eurosignal and more
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#include "../libsquelch/squelch.h"
#include "../libgoertzel/goertzel.h"
#include "../libmobile/sender.h"
enum dsp_mode {
DSP_MODE_SILENCE, /* send silence to transmitter, block audio from receiver */
DSP_MODE_AUDIO, /* stream audio */
DSP_MODE_TONE, /* send 2280 Hz tone 0 */
DSP_MODE_PAGING, /* send four paging tones */
enum anetz_state {
ANETZ_FREI, /* sending 2280 Hz tone */
ANETZ_GESPRAECH, /* during conversation */
ANETZ_ANRUF, /* phone is paged */
ANETZ_AUSLOESEN, /* releasing towards phone */
typedef struct anetz {
sender_t sender;
/* sender's states */
enum anetz_state state; /* current sender's state */
int callref; /* call reference */
char station_id[8]; /* current station ID */
struct timer timer;
/* display measurements */
dispmeasparam_t *dmp_tone_level;
dispmeasparam_t *dmp_tone_quality;
/* dsp states */
enum dsp_mode dsp_mode; /* current mode: audio, durable tone 0 or 1, paging */
goertzel_t fsk_tone_goertzel[2]; /* filter for tone decoding */
int samples_per_chunk; /* how many samples lasts one chunk */
sample_t *fsk_filter_spl; /* array with samples_per_chunk */
int fsk_filter_pos; /* current sample position in filter_spl */
int tone_detected; /* what tone has been detected */
int tone_count; /* how long has that tone been detected */
double tone_phaseshift65536; /* how much the phase of sine wave changes per sample */
double tone_phase65536; /* current phase */
double page_gain; /* factor to raise the paging tones */
int page_sequence; /* if set, use paging tones in sequence rather than parallel */
double paging_phaseshift65536[4];/* how much the phase of sine wave changes per sample */
double paging_phase65536[4]; /* current phase */
int paging_tone; /* current tone (0..3) in sequenced mode */
int paging_count; /* current sample count of tone in seq. mode */
int paging_transition; /* set to number of samples during transition */
squelch_t squelch; /* squelch detection process */
const char *operator; /* destination to dial from mobile phone */
} anetz_t;
double anetz_kanal2freq(int kanal, int unterband);
const char *anetz_number_valid(const char *number);
int anetz_init(void);
int anetz_create(const char *kanal, const char *device, int use_sdr, int samplerate, double rx_gain, double tx_gain, double page_gain, int page_sequence, int pre_emphasis, int de_emphasis, const char *write_rx_wave, const char *write_tx_wave, const char *read_rx_wave, const char *read_tx_wave, int loopback, double squelch_db, const char *operator);
void anetz_destroy(sender_t *sender);
void anetz_loss_indication(anetz_t *anetz, double loss_time);
void anetz_receive_tone(anetz_t *anetz, int bit);