A-Netz phone in a Merceds Benz B-Netz radio tower in Bredstedt
my mother's C-Netz SIM card NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone)
MTS / IMTS (USA / Canada) AMPS (USA) / TACS (UK / Ireland / Italy)
Eurosignal paging service The Chaos Computer Club Modem
Transmit TV test image signals my early radio setup

A base station implementation of classic mobile networks. All these networks use analog voice transmission. The signaling is done by tones and/or FSK modulated digital messages. It started with the idea to make a base station for the German B-Netz, but more networks followed.

This project is pure software that requires a transmitter and a receiver connected to the sound card of a Linux PC. Alternatively (more suggested) you can use a full duplex SDR to even generate multiple channels at a time. A second sound card or ISDN card is used to route calls from and to the mobile phone.

Please go to project's hompage at http://osmocom-analog.eversberg.eu to download source code.

Thanx to Laf0rge, there is a mailing list: https://lists.osmocom.org/mailman/listinfo/osmocom-analog.

If you have questions, then write to: jolly@eversberg.eu

General information:

Implemented networks:

Additional features:

  • Das Datenklo
  • Osmo TV
  • C-Netz Sim Card
  • C-Netz Magnetic Card
  • Zeitansage (German talking clock)
  • C-Netz FuVSt (MSC to control a real base station)
  • POCSAG (paging system)
  • Golay / GSC (paging system)
  • 5-Ton-Ruf (firefighter's pagers and siren control)
  • DCF77 The German longwave time signal transmitter/receiver