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Andreas Eversberg 6cd2c3e323 C-Netz-SIM: Store Jolly's phone number to phonebook entry 02
Also set version number to 3.
2024-01-04 17:58:30 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 31d5667516 Fix usage of strncat 2024-01-04 17:58:05 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 454086f04c Zeitansage: Remove useless FUSE library flags from 2023-12-13 23:58:49 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg d8950408cc G711: Fix bitorder of u-law codec
Tested with Grandstream
2023-11-27 17:17:52 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg d1b8ed8250 Add option to disable L16 codec (linear 16 bit PCM)
Yate uses wrong byte order, so the codec fails. Disable it if you have
problems with Yate or other defective peers.
2023-11-15 20:37:40 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg a9573aa5cb libosmocc: Support for telephone-events 2023-11-12 17:41:43 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 865f280bb1 libosmocc: Flag codec as not accepted instead of removing it
This is required if multiple SDP responses are returned. We don't want
to remove a codec with with the first SDP response, which might get
accepted by the second SDP response. Instead we flag the codec as
negotiated or not negotiated.

When early media is received, different codecs may be accepted as when
we receive the actual answer.
2023-11-12 17:36:05 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 39266802ef 5-tones: Minor fixes in command line help 2023-11-12 17:22:17 +01:00
Vasyl Samoilov 2636b36c22 [NMT] fix UA UMC country code 2023-10-08 19:04:08 +03:00
Andreas Eversberg f4eba26d27 Golay: Add voice message support
A voice message can be sent with a wave file. Pagers that support voice
messages will listen to the wave file on the radio channel.

Use the following command to send a voice message:

	$ echo "1709829,v,<wave file>" > /tmp/golay_msg_send
2023-10-08 12:14:46 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg a949470ec3 AMPS: Add ESN manufacturer names
The ESN list "FCC Public Notice CL-97-70" is found at:

When showing the ESN in logging, the manufacturer name is shown, if
found in the list.

Thanx to shadowcaster3, point to that list.
2023-09-10 21:54:50 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 43dfab23e0 C-Netz-SIM: Store version number in phone book entry 01 as default. 2023-09-10 21:36:39 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 4252ca1f82 C-Netz-SIM: Added delay before answering to messages
This delay is required, so that the card reader has enough time to
release the I/O line. The AEG OLYMPIA now works.
2023-08-27 20:28:43 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 20b5132ef7 Fix notch filter and add a test for it 2023-06-10 11:33:58 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 963be6e2c5 Osmo-CC: Add R1 interface type 2023-06-10 11:33:14 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 4c54be0f4d Add R1 debugging class 2023-06-10 11:32:48 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 0e132f6167 Fix minor compiler warning in sdr.c 2023-05-25 21:56:48 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 5816f8e7c0 libosmo-cc: Allow remote port change with RTP
In case of port translation, the different remote RTP port is adopted
for further transfer.

This happens, if remote peer uses NAT that changes source port also.
2023-03-26 17:06:37 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 5c20a3e8b7 libosmo-cc: Fix critical bug in RTCP handling
Upon an RTCP read event, read from RTCP socket and not from RTP socket.
2023-03-26 12:03:53 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 28a297f97d Generate compador table only once when the application starts 2023-03-18 19:49:56 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg bdecacc99e Changed logging of libosmocc to osmocom style 2023-01-22 18:28:34 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 746c1fb4ff Add libph_socket (not used by any app now) 2023-01-21 15:15:57 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 9f662d309f Add libselect to use select instead of polling all file descriptors 2023-01-21 15:15:52 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg ffaed13648 Make libdebug osmocore complatible in some places 2023-01-21 15:15:42 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg f4abbaf027 Make libtimer to be osmo_* compatible in some places 2023-01-21 15:15:39 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 3bc3e67abb libosmo-cc: Fixed NULL-pointer bug 2022-12-16 12:43:20 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg fd3b4dae50 FSK modulator improvements
1. Phase is now changed proportional to the time of the bit change, if
   it happens somewhere between samples. The amount of phase change per
   bit is now the same for all bits, no matter how many samples
   currently lay inside this bit.

2. IIR filter is removed, because it causes distortions. A cosine shape
   is now used to transit between phase change of F0 to F1 and vice
   versa. This limits the spectrum. This filter is optional.
2022-12-16 12:43:19 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 7609e98b8f Resampling filter can now be turned off
Only linear filtering remains when off.
2022-12-16 12:43:16 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 3d18361d2e Removed obsolete hexdump function from DTMF decoder 2022-12-16 12:43:14 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 5acdb94f10 Fixed a bug on datenklo's ioctrls 2022-12-16 12:43:11 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg aadfd50a0f Osmo-CC: Change UPDATE to MODIFY message
Naming it UPDATE was not a good idea.

Now this is renamed to MODIFY message, related to MNCC (GSM). It is used
to change media coding during a call. It allows new codec negotiation
using SDP protocol and/or changing RTP peer. Also useful for SIP.
2022-12-16 12:43:09 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 2110a0f111 osmo-cc: Add private pointer to codecs 2022-11-24 21:16:43 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 791a1d79a9 osmo-cc: Set session to NULL, if no codec matches
Applications will crash, due to use-after-free bug, if this is not done.
2022-11-24 21:15:47 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 616a5e2820 DCF77: Add weather info decoding and coding 2022-11-24 21:08:02 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 5ae64a2712 AMPS: Fix compilation 2022-11-07 18:18:04 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 508197e9a8 TACS: Corrected TACS power levels in help description 2022-11-07 18:18:00 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 1eed20420e AMPS: Fixed caller ID transmission 2022-10-30 17:23:25 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg a3835b001d AMPS: Minor fixes at DTX handling 2022-10-30 17:23:24 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 8e67c3fda0 Golay/GSC paging support 2022-10-30 09:28:34 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg ed0f8694f7 dejitter: Added timeout for interpolation 2022-10-30 09:24:35 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg 825f395e09 Move AMPS/TACS/JTACS into one source directory 2022-10-23 16:56:46 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 376cef4fa5 Osmo-CC: Add marker bit support 2022-10-23 16:56:40 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 5684c0a7de Osmo-CC: Add UPDATE messages 2022-10-23 16:56:37 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg b60c844b4f DTMF: Now allows to give duration and pause for digit
Also the dtmf encoder will return less samples, if the digit(+pause)
ends, so that the caller call set the next digit to play seamlessly.

A reset function allows to clear the decoder states, to prevent glitches
when re-attaching to an interrupted stream.
2022-10-23 16:56:36 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg a756ba8fd9 libsample: Add another function for converting between int16_t and sample_t
Now we have speech level and 1mW (0 dBm) conversion functions
2022-10-23 16:56:32 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 486d6b3780 JTACS (Japanese Total Access Communication System) works now
Tested with MT209 phone.
2022-10-23 16:56:30 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 2b7efedc48 Refactoring jitter buffer
Features are:
 * Packet based buffer
 * Random in, first out
 * Adaptive delay compensation (voice)
 * Fixed delay (data, optionally MODEM/FAX)
 * Interpolation of missing frames
 * Any sample size
2022-10-23 16:56:27 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 4fc92eba45 Improved libsamplerate to allow size calculations 2022-09-17 20:50:14 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg 1d77952717 Zeitansage: Removed glitches of some sounds 2022-09-17 20:47:28 +02:00
Andreas Eversberg a7a1ac7c5e TV: Add individual test image for selected color of color bar 2022-09-17 20:47:25 +02:00