C-Netz: Changed voice diversion back to 2.4 KHz

Most phones use this deviation. C5 does not for some unknown reason.
Andreas Eversberg 5 months ago
parent b94443e57a
commit 8fd8205a6e
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@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ A caller must not know the location of the phone anymore to reach the right base
<li>Channel spacing: 10 KHz and optionally 12.5 KHz
<li>Voice modulation: FM
<li>Signaling modulation: carrier FSK
<li>Frequency deviation: 2.5 KHz (FSK); 4 KHz (Voice)
<li>Frequency deviation: 2.5 KHz (FSK); 2.4 or 4 KHz (Voice)
<li>Mobile station transmit power: 50 mW up to 15 Watts
<li>Base station transmit power: 25 Watts
<li>Features: Speech Compandor, Audio scrambling

@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ int meldeinterval = 120; /* when to ask the phone about beeing alive */
int meldeaufrufe = 3; /* how many times to ask phone about beeing alive */
enum demod_type demod = FSK_DEMOD_AUTO;
int metering = 20;
double speech_deviation = 4000.0; /* best results with all my equipment */
double speech_deviation = 2400.0; /* best results with older equipment (not C5) */
void print_help(const char *arg0)
@ -125,8 +125,8 @@ void print_help(const char *arg0)
printf(" Increment metering counter every given number of seconds.\n");
printf(" To turn off, use 0. (default = %d)\n", metering);
printf(" -V --voice-deviation <2400..4000 Hz>\n");
printf(" It is unclear what the actual voice deviation is. Please decrease, if\n");
printf(" mobile's microphone is too loud and speaker is too quiet.\n");
printf(" It is unclear what the actual voice deviation is. Please increase, if\n");
printf(" mobile's earpiece is too quiet and the microphone is too loud.\n");
printf(" (default = %.0f)\n", speech_deviation);
printf(" -S --sysinfo timeslots=1|2|4|8\n");
printf(" Set number of timeslots of OgK broadcast. There are 32 time slots per\n");