Osmocom GSM/GPRS/EGPRS transceiver, originally forked from OpenBTS transceiver. For building SDR based GSM BTS with osmo-bts-trx.
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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <vector>
class RadioBuffer {
RadioBuffer(size_t numSegments, size_t segmentLen,
size_t hLen, bool outDirection);
const size_t getSegmentLen() { return segmentLen; }
const size_t getNumSegments() { return numSegments; }
const size_t getAvailSamples() { return availSamples; }
const size_t getAvailSegments() { return availSamples / segmentLen; }
const size_t getFreeSamples()
return bufferLen - availSamples;
const size_t getFreeSegments()
return getFreeSamples() / segmentLen;
void reset();
/* Output direction */
const float *getReadSegment();
bool write(const float *wr, size_t len);
bool zero(size_t len);
/* Input direction */
float *getWriteSegment();
bool zeroWriteSegment();
bool read(float *rd, size_t len);
size_t writeIndex, readIndex, availSamples;
size_t bufferLen, numSegments, segmentLen, hLen;
float *buffer;
std::vector<float *> segments;
bool outDirection;