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12 Commits (424c74d0063e501dc1fa34cbbe61b7dfe0e1d801)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Oliver Smith 424c74d006 treewide: remove FSF address 1 year ago
Eric Wild 7a52e42ee0 transceiver: optimize code if optimizations are enabled 2 years ago
Pau Espin 21d03d3912 Add SPDX annotation 4 years ago
Pau Espin bdb970e495 cosmetic: Fix trailing whitespace in several files 4 years ago
Sylvain Munaut a3934a11a4 convolve: Remove support for step, offset parameters 4 years ago
Tom Tsou d2e5c5694e sigProcLib: Replace dynamically allocated resampling buffers 6 years ago
Tom Tsou 5d2a36a113 Resampler: Fix non-array delete for filter taps 6 years ago
Tom Tsou 9d53ecf666 Resampler: Fix initialization return checking 6 years ago
pierre.baudry 9436fbbf3c transceiver: Fix mismatched allocations and deallocations 6 years ago
Tom Tsou 28670fb5da iface: Add inner ring-buffer implementation 7 years ago
Tom Tsou d325343ecc EDGE: Add 8-PSK modulator and demodulator 7 years ago
Thomas Tsou 03e6ecf977 Transceiver52M: Replace resampler with SSE enabled implementation 9 years ago