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12 Commits (19faae85c65a0801c31a3c7d09333ef8e7475884)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Pau Espin 8b0c5368f5 Transceiver: Fix race condition obtaining Dl burst from Upper layer 2 years ago
Pau Espin 21d03d3912 Add SPDX annotation 3 years ago
Thomas Tsou 3f32ab5afa Transceiver52M: Enable all warnings and resolve 9 years ago
Thomas Tsou 1882099d15 Transceiver52M: Set const qualifier on appropriate radio vector methods 9 years ago
Thomas Tsou a0179e37f8 Transceiver52M: Use independent noise vectors for each channel 9 years ago
Thomas Tsou a2fe91a688 Transceiver52M: Add vectorized radio burst capability 9 years ago
Thomas Tsou d0f3ca3e94 Transceiver52M: Preallocate head room for burst correlation 9 years ago
Thomas Tsou e0fa2bfd93 Transceiver52M: Remove extra copy in receive drive path 9 years ago
Thomas Tsou 204a9f135a Transceiver52M: Add multi channel transceiver support 9 years ago
Thomas Tsou fa3a787ccb Transceiver52M: Update noise measurement calculation 9 years ago
kurtis.heimerl 0628613f4f transceiver: rename getting radio vector time to getTime() 11 years ago
kurtis.heimerl 8aea56e15f transceiver: separate radio clock and vector interfaces 11 years ago