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Andreas Eversberg f66763e891 Use uniform log format for default config files
Related: OS#6272
Change-Id: I24f454bd83f32504b9c135d1620b7d02167e8bc6
2023-12-01 12:53:08 +01:00
Pau Espin e7535a4a9b Bump version: → 0.2.4
Change-Id: Ib73d7f15f55a52479a7728f86e96e93bba699ec5
2023-09-12 17:14:42 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 7385427397 migrate from python2 to python3
Fortunatelly we don't have any python2 specific code, so just bump.

Change-Id: Iaab94a1e896b78dc8699256e326edc165b0ed922
Related: OS#5950
2023-07-15 00:47:40 +07:00
Pau Espin 81e12318ae Write explicit role & sctp-role fields in ASP configurations
Change-Id: Idf7b2288e93edb408b644da759f844ac0ce1210b
2023-06-08 19:42:04 +02:00
Oliver Smith 85f1cca096 systemd: depend on
Related: SYS#6400
Change-Id: Idadcbbf55e976ae035cfac4b85ccd870e0f27b82
2023-05-26 14:10:49 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy e8c4967639 copyright: fix typo: sysmocom s/s.m.f.c./s.f.m.c./ GmbH
Change-Id: Ib155c44fb318cab38227c196919fc6cbba86c4bb
2023-05-18 17:22:27 +07:00
Neels Hofmeyr d09e87c645 ctrl-test: drop bogus 'rm -f $(CTRL_TEST_DB)'
That is a copy-paste artifact from osmo-hlr.git and looks pretty
dangerous when CTRL_TEST_DB is not defined.

Change-Id: Idcf9296a6e7e520c2f0b42f8aace01d616bcfc56
2023-05-05 02:14:01 +02:00
Oliver Smith 386d5acdbe debian: set compat level to 10
Related: OS#5958
Change-Id: Ib45ad7c44cdefa4c5acab2da09f24796253a133d
2023-04-25 16:48:33 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 8c11b24ca0 tests: execute osmotest{vty,config}.py against osmo-smlc
Change-Id: I61d970563a1902cce704d5c1a6adea9d8be438e4
2023-03-30 02:40:18 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 8bcac6f928 tests: $(BUILT_SOURCES) is not defined, depend on osmo-smlc
Change-Id: I75a038b2730c7e0d4637db6dfb780839a49abc2e
2023-03-30 02:19:12 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 74b4e61f36 remove unneeded AM_LDFLAGS with LIBS
Change-Id: Ic6886d2e47c053fe39647bc9ec3be704c935bee5
2023-03-09 18:10:18 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 7118875839 remove $(COVERAGE_LDFLAGS) from osmo_smlc_LDADD
Change-Id: Ia7073d2baf4c758ebff167b6cf1b3ba9c1552821
2023-03-09 18:09:44 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy cf29f44722 set -std=gnu11
Avoid using different dialects by accident (and resulting compiler
errors if compiler assumes a different dialect), like in

Related: osmo-pcu Ia57ba101627e3cc0babeca82631e207a3e2e0960
Change-Id: I76ed877d160f98e3627293b0539bec5fac1e8469
2023-03-09 15:39:18 +07:00
arehbein 0fda654d29 Transition to use of 'telnet_init_default'
Related: OS#5809
Change-Id: Icc57c68337d55c6594c1c36e9bf41624d11dab0a
2023-02-25 17:48:58 +01:00
Pau Espin 848316e9d4 Bump version: → 0.2.3
Change-Id: I84d05f283cfd28298f3a4ef6df1c49265638969b
2023-02-07 17:42:01 +01:00
Max 5ac8ab7cd9 ctrl: take both address and port from vty config
Change-Id: I5d73257c0233ce6772847809a6163b6ca4c88f83
2022-12-17 21:32:29 +03:00
Max 518550e404 Set working directory in systemd service file
By default systemd will execute service with root directory
(or home directory for user instance) which might result in
attempts to create files in unexpected place. Let's set it
to 'osmocom' subdir of state directory
(/var/lib for system instance) instead.

Related: OS#4821
Change-Id: Ie8b014e8eac23221a6a7087bb2b886014323680b
2022-09-12 07:12:35 +00:00
Max f2a03654bb Add git-review config
Change-Id: Ia16bb7936e9382dcc51d9122bd7582d75eb7ae15
2022-09-09 22:40:27 +07:00
Vadim Yanitskiy accb1d1b25 contrib/ execute distcheck/maintainer-clean with $PARALLEL_MAKE
Change-Id: I14b0e0343dc70b72cc9e14641bccaa6da2059e46
2022-08-29 00:33:10 +07:00
Pau Espin f30a8a1133 Bump version: → 0.2.2
Change-Id: I17fe1460bb04da7d10ebaa1410cdb0dd670ece24
2022-06-29 12:21:07 +02:00
Harald Welte cd82cb23be Fill README with content; convert to markdown
Change-Id: I54297aba4dbb4f521caaeb555de9e5404f9e6dcd
2022-06-18 14:01:07 +02:00
Harald Welte bc54ff06f8 update git URLs (git -> https; gitea)
Change-Id: I8788fa6b0495b8ee72b1bb5485f6cd3a4835eb0b
2022-06-18 14:01:07 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy b9b65d953f tests: use 'check_PROGRAMS' instead of 'noinst_PROGRAMS'
When using 'check_PROGRAMS', autoconf/automake generates smarter
Makefiles, so that the test programs are not being compiled during
the normal 'make all', but only during 'make check'.

Change-Id: I9b60429c8c3922dd97809c72ed7960ffdc059d8b
2022-04-14 02:18:50 +03:00
Pau Espin 454047c586 deb/rpm packaging: Drop dependency on autoconf-archive
it is not needed since ec37263a37.

Change-Id: I729b7dc0f2971b959810a46baa8a344e8b71e4a4
2022-01-11 18:26:44 +01:00
Oliver Smith 5b7f1fd5c8 treewide: remove FSF address
Remove the paragraph about writing to the Free Software Foundation's
mailing address. The FSF has changed addresses in the past, and may do
so again. In 2021 this is not useful, let's rather have a bit less
boilerplate at the start of source files.

Change-Id: Ieb4f9b4ad5073c9b5996cb960b248c450fd5f2dd
2021-12-14 12:22:00 +01:00
Pau Espin 8ec775714c Bump version: → 0.2.1
Change-Id: I4a2e2ff8e5f8d08fb4f8bb1f75e92ede9bb5521f
2021-11-16 18:14:21 +01:00
Oliver Smith ec37263a37 configure: don't turn some warnings into errors
Do not turn some compiler warnings into errors by default. This part was
copied from openbsc.git 34f012 ("Turn some compiler warnings into
errors"), where it was added before --enable-werror was available.

We build with --enable-werror during development and in CI. If the code
is built with a different compiler that throws additional warnings, it
should not stop the build.

Related: OS#5289
Change-Id: I22f6f4d3d4b81d4791a72a7bce130035bef58c31
2021-11-04 11:12:30 +01:00
Pau Espin 44a2a85202 Use new stat item/ctr getter APIs
Generated with spatch:
expression E1, E2;
- &E2->ctr[E1]
+ rate_ctr_group_get_ctr(E2, E1)

Change-Id: I594c08b8fe0ed54a31353d8c6c911cc7293ae7c0
2021-06-04 18:07:05 +02:00
Pau Espin ed87bd5c74 Bump version: → 0.2.0
Change-Id: I67c0bde168c91f3d38cb228b4318321a70b68c3e
2021-02-24 14:30:57 +01:00
Pau Espin 14c9c7bcd7 smlc_subscr_test: Replace use of deprecated log_set_print_filename() API
hex_category is also set explicitly to keep same results (old API used
to set it internally).

Change-Id: I49365dfcd24bed55101917d2ea034c4327ab51d6
2021-02-24 14:28:37 +01:00
Pau Espin b36a18f139 main: Support setting cmdline --vty-ref-mode
Change-Id: Iadb004319514cb134b0863ea16b3289e6f1a097a
2021-02-24 14:26:30 +01:00
Pau Espin 427fbbd541 gitignore: Ignore autofoo files *~
Change-Id: I97997a44e26e8fe9b98606e63aa6d5986d0d85f6
2021-02-24 14:15:48 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 5dadf0ae6e manual: describe TA-based positioning and cell locations
Change-Id: I3d8ae0f6fef0c60499a5e133d3dd0ebd54e8c321
2020-10-28 03:19:44 +01:00
Harald Welte 8b6341b02f fix osmo-smlc.service: drop unknown '-s' command line argument
Change-Id: I3804fea29e06280f12b62e8c27d2a0ba4aafa7a0
2020-10-22 16:02:26 +02:00
Harald Welte dbf98d5433 Add dependency to autoconf-archive
I don't really understand why our other spec files only contain
a dependency to autoconf and get away with that (while still using
autoconf-archive from, but let's try this.

Change-Id: Ica5f58297722b650a3862326d31b8eb8947ee1b6
2020-10-22 08:05:51 +02:00
Harald Welte 63ec8a9c59 debian: the osmo-smlc example is not in the osmo-msc directory
Change-Id: Ie6e2c591fc37fed716f0d30df9096b535f06a118
2020-10-22 08:04:58 +02:00
Harald Welte fb2abb8f8c debian/spec: Add build depedency to autoconf-archive
Change-Id: I56ff1c97ef7f11ac35eb78558cc7a0049f39cd56
2020-10-21 20:58:02 +02:00
Harald Welte 033b15679c update vty reference XML
Change-Id: Ifae832b399fb905892cab36f6d4fa7704a2541f0
2020-10-21 20:21:40 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 7299215d74 initial working osmo-smlc implementation
The lower level Lb/SCCP interface conn handling is essentially a copy of
OsmoMSC's A/SCCP infrastructure (OsmoMSC also connects to multiple BSCs).

The smlc_subscr is mostly a copy of OsmoBSC's bsc_subscr.

smlc_loc_req FSM is the SMLC side of OsmoBSC's new lcs_loc_req FSM.

cell_locations configures geographic coordinates of individual cells.

Change-Id: I917ba8fc51a1f1150be77ae01e12a7b16a853052
2020-10-13 02:39:28 +00:00
Harald Welte 97362c57bc fix build of usermanual
Change-Id: Ibbe52ee595d13292ac2f2ef2b3477263894ed75c
2020-08-23 21:22:25 +02:00
Harald Welte b6ebda3594 contrib/ Build libosmo-abis, a dependency of libosmo-netif
Change-Id: I059434e778954a9491b8d66eff8be3699ddda6af
Related: OS#4626
2020-08-22 09:39:40 +02:00
Harald Welte b53e2bfc67 initial skeleton
Change-Id: I706aa9e11a646aad71bb310fa552d0bdb5084d4b
2020-08-21 19:56:10 +02:00