manual: describe TA-based positioning and cell locations

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== Configure Cell Locations
To determine geographic location estimates based on the serving cell, OsmoSMLC
needs preconfigured global positions by latitude and longitude, for each cell of
each BSC.
On the `cells` configuration node, cell locations can be indicated by LAC and
CI, or by Cell Global Identity. The following example configures the position
for a cell by LAC 23 and CI 42:
lac-ci 23 42 lat 12.3456 lon 23.4567
The following example configures the position by a Cell Global Identity with
PLMN 001-01, LAC 2 and CI 3:
cgi 001 01 2 3 lat 34.5678 lon 45.6789
If a cell's latitude and longitude is not configured, all location requests for
subscribers served by that cell are answered by a BSSMAP-LE Perform Location
Response without a Location Estimate and LCS Cause "Facility not supported".

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== Positioning Methods
So far, OsmoSMLC provides only TA-based positioning.
=== TA-Based Positioning
In TA-based positioning, the serving Cell Id and the Timing Advance (a.k.a.
Access Delay) are provided by the BSC. OsmoSMLC returns a GAD "ellipsoid point
with uncertainty circle" as location estimate. The ellipsoid point is the
latitude and longitude of the serving cell, and the uncertainty circle is the
maximum distance from that cell based on the Timing Advance information.

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===== Configure SCCP/M3UA (AoIP)
OsmoSMLC acts as client to contact an STP instance and establish an SCCP/M3UA
link. OsmoSMLC always uses the SSN "SMLC (BSSMAP-LE)" (SSN code 252). The
configurable point-code defaults to 0.23.6 (190).
An example configuration of OsmoSMLC's Lb SCCP link, assuming the SMLC at
point-code 1.23.6 via an SG listening for M3UA at
point-code 1.23.6, listening for M3UA at
cs7 instance 0

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