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Harald Welte fd203f6a97
mncc: use 'const' to denote read-only input buffer/message
5 years ago
.. distcheck: Package the logging.h file as well 7 years ago
app.c mncc: Fix use after free on mncc socket disconnection 6 years ago
app.h app/mncc: Add "use-imsi" to allow calling by IMSI 7 years ago
call.c vty: Add simple VTY output for current calls 7 years ago
call.h dtmf: Forward DTMF from MNCC to SIP 6 years ago
evpoll.c evpoll: Add workaround for usage of IP_RECVERR in sofia-sip 6 years ago
evpoll.h Initial commit for a MNCC to SIP gateway (and maybe auth GW too) 7 years ago
logging.h call/app: Hook the MNCC disconnect event in the app and release calls 7 years ago
main.c log VTY telnet bind only once 7 years ago
mncc.c mncc: use 'const' to denote read-only input buffer/message 5 years ago
mncc.h vty: Add VTY command about the state of the mncc connection 7 years ago
mncc_protocol.h mncc: Add the protocol description from OpenBSC 7 years ago
sdp.c sdp.c Send octet-align in fmtp 6 years ago
sdp.h sip/sdp: Hack to get a GSM codec call connected 7 years ago
sip.c mncc/sip: Attempt to parse the media from session in progress 6 years ago
sip.h sip/call/mncc: Move source/dest into the call structure 7 years ago
vty.c vty: skip installing cmds now always installed by default 6 years ago
vty.h mncc: Add code to manage the mncc connection for CC 7 years ago