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#pragma once
#include <osmocom/core/linuxlist.h>
struct sip_agent;
struct mncc_connection;
struct call_leg;
* One instance of a call with two legs. The initial
* field will always be used by the entity that has
* launched the call.
struct call {
struct llist_head entry;
unsigned int id;
struct call_leg *initial;
struct call_leg *remote;
enum {
struct call_leg {
int type;
* Set by the call_leg implementation and will be called
* by the application to release the call.
void (*release_call)(struct call *, struct call_leg *);
struct sip_call_leg {
struct call_leg base;
struct sip_agent *agent;
struct mncc_call_leg {
struct call_leg base;
struct mncc_connection *conn;
extern struct llist_head g_call_list;
void calls_init(void);
void call_leg_release(struct call *call, struct call_leg *leg);