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Oliver Smith a137cdaaa4 debian: create -doc subpackage with pdf manuals 4 years ago
Daniel Willmann de4c6f0ef1 Properly indent config file 4 years ago
Oliver Smith d0b07dab40 build manuals moved here from osmo-gsm-manuals.git 4 years ago
Neels Hofmeyr 1b26e8e61e sip-connector: update vty reference 4 years ago
Philipp Maier 3130f0776a running: Add note about DTMF support 4 years ago
Daniel Willmann a001c591b3 osmo-sip-connector: Explicitly note OsmoMSC config with external MNCC 4 years ago
Vadim Yanitskiy 2e331aed4e OsmoSIPConnector: fix: avoid OsmoMGW/OsmoSIPcon confusion 4 years ago
Daniel Willmann a3a28acaa1 Add manual for OsmoSIPConnector 4 years ago
Daniel Willmann b79fde2dc1 Add VTY reference for osmo-sip-connector 4 years ago
Daniel Willmann baa5d7bdad Fix mncc socket name 4 years ago
Pau Espin e3fb258284 Install sample cfg file to /etc/osmocom 4 years ago
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 11713d88e4 vty: Work on configuration of the MNCC to SIP gateway 7 years ago