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Keith Whyte 5311868c26 Cosmetic: Logging and Comments, spelling and clarity changes
Also removes a comment in sdp_create_file() about the
IP address in o= and c= having to be the same.
It is completely legal in SDP and often normal for the
originator and the connection information IP to be different.

Change-Id: I057573467c335fc27ead391c0bb4c775f2f6ba0a
2019-08-07 02:16:07 +02:00
Keith Whyte bd2d14bd4a Prepare to support MO Call HOLD
Add function pointers to the call_leg struct for call hold and retrieve.

Add function to send re-INVITE to SIP side when MNCC side puts call on HOLD/RETRIEVES.

Add MNCC/SIP CC_HOLD to call states.

Change-Id: I2595626dfa50eb2f8e29a02540b708c9c1dce88c
2019-08-05 19:05:43 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther c39c3df251 vty: Add simple VTY output for current calls
Start with a show call summary that lists simple data about the
current set of calls:

Call(5002) initial(type=SIP,state=CONFIRMED) remote(type=MNCC,state=INITIAL)
Call(5001) initial(type=MNCC,state=PROCEEDING) remote(type=SIP,state=CONFIRMED)

Related: OS#1680
2016-04-04 17:09:30 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther b723cceee9 call: Create a call with a SIP leg
Clone the MNCC code and create a call with a SIP leg.
2016-03-26 19:51:33 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther b927a0bbde call: It is call_create and not sip_create
It is not creating anything related to sip at all. Remove the
prefix in preparation to creating a call from a sip_call_leg.
2016-03-26 18:52:22 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther cacce82810 mncc: In case of an unexpected REL.IND inform the other leg about it
I had modified my code to do nothing after having sent the PROCEEDING
message. First the MS will issue a DISCONNECT.IND (which I ignored) and
then there will be REL.IND. Let's inform the other leg about this event
and let's assume the call will then be terminated.
2016-03-26 06:22:06 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 153ebbf6e2 call: Change to past tense and move code after the free
Reading the "releasing" log output sounded like one more message
had been sent and this code is waiting for something. Take a copy
of the call id and then print that the call has been released.
2016-03-26 06:22:06 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther c4d01f9a90 call: Add a backpointer from leg to call and drop the argument
Simplify the structure by either working with a call or just
a leg of it. No need to carry both pointers all the time.
2016-03-22 21:04:56 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 29b556490f mncc: Dispatch setup and issue rtp create in response then continue
The code is not tested and might be broken. Parse the setup request
of a MO call, create a new "call" with a MNCC leg and then issue the
call to create a RTP socket. Once this has been done, release the call
as the code to open a second leg has not been written yet.
2016-03-22 21:04:56 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 45f0fa09d2 call/app: Hook the MNCC disconnect event in the app and release calls
In case the MNCC server is crashing we need to release all calls,
use the event emitted by the MNCC connection and iterate over all
calls and call the release function.
2016-03-22 16:32:48 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 10e22bd6f4 call: Introduce a structure for representing a call
Right now a call has two legs, the initial one and the remote. In
general this will allow a SIP to SIP, SIP to MNCC and MNCC to MNCC
structure in the future.
2016-03-22 16:32:48 +01:00