sdp.c Send octet-align in fmtp

rfc4867 8.2:

      octet-align: Permissible values are 0 and 1.  If 1, octet-aligned
               operation SHALL be used.  If 0 or if not present,
               bandwidth-efficient operation is employed.

We don't have any support for AMR BE mode, but if we don't
send this the other end expects BE mode and can't decode the stream

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Keith Whyte 2017-08-29 16:56:11 +02:00 committed by Holger Freyther
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commit b603272787
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@ -166,18 +166,27 @@ bool sdp_extract_sdp(struct sip_call_leg *leg, const sip_t *sip, bool any_codec)
char *sdp_create_file(struct sip_call_leg *leg, struct call_leg *other)
struct in_addr net = { .s_addr = ntohl(other->ip) };
char *fmtp_str = NULL, *sdp;
leg->wanted_codec = app_media_name(other->payload_msg_type);
return talloc_asprintf(leg,
if (strcmp(leg->wanted_codec, "AMR") == 0)
fmtp_str = talloc_asprintf(leg, "a=fmtp:%d octet-align=1\r\n", other->payload_type);
sdp = talloc_asprintf(leg,
"o=Osmocom 0 0 IN IP4 %s\r\n"
"s=GSM Call\r\n"
"c=IN IP4 %s\r\n"
"t=0 0\r\n"
"m=audio %d RTP/AVP %d\r\n"
"a=rtpmap:%d %s/8000\r\n",
inet_ntoa(net), inet_ntoa(net), /* never use diff. addr! */
other->port, other->payload_type,
fmtp_str ? fmtp_str : "",
return sdp;