Logging: Log RTP IP in dotted quad format.

in check_rtp_create() log the IP address in
human readable dotted quad format.

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Keith Whyte 2018-08-28 07:12:35 -04:00
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commit 0cfe4763a4
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@ -380,9 +380,10 @@ static void check_rtp_create(struct mncc_connection *conn, const char *buf, int
leg->base.payload_msg_type = rtp->payload_msg_type;
/* TODO.. now we can continue with the call */
struct in_addr net = { .s_addr = htonl(leg->base.ip) };
"RTP cnt leg(%u) ip(%u), port(%u) pt(%u) ptm(%u)\n",
leg->callref, leg->base.ip, leg->base.port,
"RTP cnt leg(%u) ip(%s), port(%u) pt(%u) ptm(%u)\n",
leg->callref, inet_ntoa(net), leg->base.port,
leg->base.payload_type, leg->base.payload_msg_type);
stop_cmd_timer(leg, MNCC_RTP_CREATE);