logging from sofia: add missing newline

Sometimes, logging from sofia lacks the final newline character, messing up log
output. First snprintf() to a buffer, add '\n' if necessary and then log.

Change-Id: Ia26c0b57a0166cf7de87c49471ce6f528a366dd5
Neels Hofmeyr 2019-11-18 15:41:28 +01:00 committed by laforge
parent 18cf9f39c5
commit 037c6c1ba8
1 changed files with 13 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -666,7 +666,19 @@ static void sip_logger(void *stream, char const *fmt, va_list ap)
* the log handler call-back function, so we have no clue what log level the
* currently logged message was sent for :( As a result, we can only use one
* hard-coded LOGL_NOTICE here */
osmo_vlogp(DSIP, LOGL_NOTICE, "", 0, 0, fmt, ap);
if (!log_check_level(DSIP, LOGL_NOTICE))
/* The sofia-sip log line *sometimes* lacks a terminating '\n'. Add it. */
char log_line[256];
int rc = vsnprintf(log_line, sizeof(log_line), fmt, ap);
if (rc > 0) {
/* since we're explicitly checking for sizeof(log_line), we can use vsnprintf()'s return value (which,
* alone, would possibly cause writing past the buffer's end). */
char *end = log_line + OSMO_MIN(rc, sizeof(log_line) - 2);
osmo_strlcpy(end, "\n", 2);
LOGP(DSIP, LOGL_NOTICE, "%s", log_line);
} else
LOGP(DSIP, LOGL_NOTICE, "unknown logging from sip\n");
void sip_agent_init(struct sip_agent *agent, struct app_config *app)