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Osmo SIP Connector
Simple utility to map MNCC to SIP and SIP to MNCC. The VTY interface
can be used to make configurations. The code doesn't have any RTP or
transcoding support.
Call identities can be either the MSISDN or the IMSI of the subscriber.
Requirements of Equipment
* DTMF need to be sent using SIP INFO messages. DTMF in RTP is not
* BTS+PBX and SIP connector+PBX must be in the same network (UDP must be
able to flow directly between these elements)
* No handover support.
* IP based BTS (e.g. Sysmocom sysmoBTS but no Siemens BS11)
* No emergency calls
* PT of RTP needs to match the one used by the BTS. E.g. AMR needs to use
the same PT as the BTS. This is because rtp_payload2 is not yet supported
by the osmo-bts software.
* AMR SDP file doesn't include the mode-set params and allowed codec modes.
This needs to be configured in some way.