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Pau Espin 86b630cfe1 vty: Introduce encryption cipher-plugin-path command
The load of plugins will eventually be moved to libosmo-gprs
implementation, and path will be passed as a parameter. Once it's moved
inside libosmo-gprs, it will be more strict on load failures, which can
cause internally if the path doesn't exist (unless NULL is passed).
Hence, add a VTY config to allow configuring the right path, and have it
disabled by default.

Change-Id: I4f965c7afafa193f4d7486750dd3e43cca22bb65
2023-01-11 12:58:23 +01:00
Pau Espin 93bc518b53 Move global mmctx list into struct sgsn_instance
Change-Id: Idf8458902321da03b9b0831dad3ad383a9c7afa1
2023-01-11 12:58:23 +01:00
Pau Espin 58101ea587 Split gprs_sgsn.{c,h} -> {auth,mmctx,sgsn}.{c,h}
Some level of split already existed, like sgsn_auth.c, but headers were
entangled together.
Let's clearly separate application centric code (sgsn.c/h), auth related
code (auth.c/h) and mmctx related code (mmctx.c/h).

Change-Id: I048a082851c1275c959649942904205b02acce2a
2023-01-11 12:58:15 +01:00
Pau Espin 6aad14c3fa gtphub.h: Remove dependency on sgsn/gprs_sgsn.h
It is only really needed to import define GSM_APN_LENGTH, which is
actually also available in libosmogsm. Hence simply use the one from

Change-Id: I4c6110feeeaa1adfb6b1f0147eeb56dfe34636ec
2023-01-11 12:51:38 +01:00
Pau Espin f44dfa8a0e Rename bscconfig.h -> config.h
Change-Id: I007103be34c1aaab7a9375c44b226d4590fe5b24
2023-01-11 12:51:38 +01:00
Pau Espin e931b39b3c Move LOGGSUBSCRP to gprs_subscriber.h
The define belongs to gprs_subscriber.h header.

Change-Id: Icdb7e55ca8e90dd2ba79ccdb1a8ba650a3942ab3
2023-01-11 12:51:38 +01:00
Pau Espin fd9e82da31 Move sgsn_ctrl_cmds_install() declaration to sgsn.h
sgsn.h is the main header containing all misc app related contents.
This is another step towards shrinking gprs_sgsn.h mess.

Change-Id: I80e3a68e2e368d8c73135c850e4728bdf6cf5f09
2023-01-11 12:51:38 +01:00
Pau Espin f2307c483f Move gtphub header to include/osmocom/gtphub/
Change-Id: I82e1f2a3bc8e22b28747a540879bd661f1704cde
2023-01-11 12:51:38 +01:00
Pau Espin 15a52d92c4 Move global pdp_list inside struct sgsn_instance
This way pdp contexts are managed by the lifcycle of the main global struct
sgsn_instance automatically.

Change-Id: I725218fd54adcc68dceded5eb43675f25771bb96
2023-01-11 12:51:38 +01:00
Pau Espin 05190c36bb Move sgsn_pdp_ctx to its own file pdpctx.{c,h}
This further shrinks the mess in gprs_sgsn.h, and allows to easily see
layer violations (like pdpctx.c requiring llc.h)

Change-Id: Iad4da06efee7d8514ff48423bdaebc0f26413cc1
2023-01-11 12:51:34 +01:00
Pau Espin 164a1eeb8a Move extern declarations of tall_sgsn_ctx to sgsn.h
Change-Id: Ifbd54b2e92db8d4a0e0cd1c569cfd83dd85165b8
2023-01-11 12:43:18 +01:00
Pau Espin 69569879ae gtp_{ggsn,mme}: Allocate contexts under struct sgsn_instance
This way apns are managed by the lifcycle of the main global struct
sgsn_instance automatically.

Change-Id: Ie65d59632a368c6957c33dca64e856ace792b2c6
2023-01-11 12:31:23 +01:00
Pau Espin fd4d435442 Move global apn_list inside struct sgsn_instance
This way apns are managed by the lifcycle of the main global struct
sgsn_instance automatically.

Change-Id: I8cc8e540cfb64d0f130e9c0aaedf7b0835f8fe16
2023-01-05 19:37:07 +01:00
Pau Espin 8ec269a0e0 Move gtp related functions to gtp.h
The functions are implemented in sgsn_libgtp.c and hence belong to
header file gtp.h

Change-Id: I7f5cf2895b05e03435769548b61051e6284ccb3c
2023-01-05 19:20:43 +01:00
Pau Espin 4bd6f663a7 sndcp: Standarize unitdata function naming
Use sndcp_<sap>_type>_<op> so that it's easier to distinguish and
identify them.

Change-Id: Ib8825570a8f61d0a28d631f86f5244e70d3194aa
2023-01-05 19:00:56 +01:00
Pau Espin 52c9b8e593 Move func defintions of funcs implemented in gprs_sndcp.c to gprs_sndcp.h
Move them to the correct header where they belong, so that the all the
related protocol stuff is placed together.

Change-Id: I9052f48a0af125bb445194f4ae94ebbe49508fda
2023-01-05 18:57:39 +01:00
Pau Espin 51028e2c16 Properly split llc->sndcp->gtp unitdata pathi through extra func call
Beforehand the function handling the LL-UNITDATA primitive from LLC was
already submitting the packet to GTP code which had an SNDCP related
name, so everything was really confusing and layer separation was not

Change-Id: Ia544a9dd4c0c7647b0c1b64ca110351f40820618
2023-01-05 18:46:23 +01:00
Pau Espin e69f460ae7 sgsn.h: Drop declaration of non existing function
Change-Id: Idabea56d1ff89e51b517b15771a5a1ed3b050ec9
2023-01-05 18:23:03 +01:00
Pau Espin 0e707fc83a Move struct sgsn_subscriber_pdp_data to gprs_subscriber.h
The functions driving its lifcyecles are already in gprs_subscriber.c,
and are used mainly by functions in the same file, hence move it to the
related header to further shrink gprs_sgsn.h.

Change-Id: Iff7be91af130a3317d57d3649c17e3d5d2540e7a
2023-01-05 17:48:17 +01:00
Pau Espin ffd6e37eb5 Move struct apn_ctx and APN related definitions to its own file
This allows further shrinking of gprs_sgsn.{c,h} and also being able to
use GSM_APN_LENGTH on different headers easily (needed by follow-up

Change-Id: Id225ed8b84e1376f4a30f17dd4b153b6b1a6efa8
2023-01-05 17:45:28 +01:00
Pau Espin 44bde6b85a Move global ggsn_list into struct sgsn_instance
Change-Id: I9d4c74476b777a866af2796dd376ed50da7b5d01
2023-01-05 17:23:43 +01:00
Pau Espin e659f75cf1 Keep sgsn subsystems under struct sgsn_instance lifecycle
Rework initialization and destruction of several sgsn subsystems to be
allocated & released together with the struct sgsn_instance.

This makes it easier to destroy and recreate the entire context and
allows us to start moving global variables scattered around to be under
struct sgsn_instance.

Change-Id: Idf60519b8e475b94d38bbb69e737132a5afaefab
2023-01-05 17:23:43 +01:00
Pau Espin c1cf4af11b Move related structs to gprs_subscriber.h
This allows shrinking a bit more gprs_sgsn.h and and in turn have
everything much more tidy.

Change-Id: Ie39b48a0d612aa632327cc5a21c833b05f5bf297
2023-01-05 15:43:29 +01:00
Pau Espin f37aedbf76 Fix -Werror=old-style-definition
Change-Id: I119d4ba58d9c68df12b433b0cee924468a1473d8
2023-01-05 14:25:47 +01:00
Pau Espin 920c6c8c81 Introduce new header file sgsn/gtp.h
It will be used to store all stuff relatd to libgtp use and GTP
protocol, similar to what we already do for other protocols.

Change-Id: I4aae35cd0ea401856cd822cb507d668350d07a89
2023-01-05 14:15:52 +01:00
Pau Espin df203361e8 Move gprs_sndcp_vty_init() declaration to gprs_sndcp.h
Change-Id: Iea9692e7ef9bd017d89ef654d2f2ae5b30cc4550
2023-01-05 14:15:52 +01:00
Pau Espin b61ab9b9ac gprs_subscriber: Move API declarations to correct header
Change-Id: Iaa1032c38fa54ad57c472d9120cfbb34b2ae90e9
2023-01-05 14:15:50 +01:00
Pau Espin 5f4736aa85 Move struct sgsn_ggsn_ctx to its own file gtp_ggsn.{c,h}
Similar to what we already have for struct sgsn_mme_ctx in

This is just the nth step of properly splitting different
protocol layers, data model, etc.

Change-Id: Iad1895f09e43e299df7bb126bf52fdb98268392e
2023-01-05 00:11:57 +01:00
Pau Espin fc1a5538d0 Replace gprs_str_to_apn() with libosmocore API osmo_apn_from_str()
The exact same function exists in libosmocore with a different naming.

Change-Id: Ibef55a648f2d58f4fdd24fa553efde530982af2d
2023-01-04 19:56:39 +01:00
Pau Espin eb967fccb2 Remove unused function gprs_parse_mi_tmsi()
Change-Id: I6fb7688bf54c7ae3ca3e06bf3a1b729fa62d82f9
2023-01-04 16:29:43 +01:00
Pau Espin 13c00008b4 Standarize lle and llme state enum & value_string
Change-Id: Iaf102ce5ca60854fe7eb1af17c73a80e7c76181b
2023-01-04 13:57:52 +01:00
Pau Espin bc46812bd7 Move gprs_tmr_to_secs() to tests/gprs/gprs_test.c
That function is only used in the test. Let's hence move the function to
the same test file in order to simplify osmo-sgsn code.

Change-Id: I69d80810362d75eb93974af34f61639514f99f8a
2023-01-02 13:38:01 +01:00
Pau Espin 4398ac073b Rename gprs_gb.[c,h] -> gprs_ns.[c,h]
All remaining code in that file is NS protocol related, hence let's
rename it so that we end up with one file per protocol in the Gb stack.

Change-Id: I8312c8a70d60cab48764950c5b57ca02964e9db2
2022-12-28 23:14:20 +01:00
Pau Espin 05d5f28e93 Move some functions gprs_gb.[c,h] -> gprs_gmm.[c,h]
This leaves only NS protocol related code in gprs_gb.[c,h], which will
be renamed to gprs_ns.[c,h] in a follow up patch.

Change-Id: I3dcbe1d0f75cb91ec8b700e239e2ba16fff030a2
2022-12-28 23:12:47 +01:00
Pau Espin 7a74ae492e Create new specific file for BSSGP code
Right now there's no much code there since the related code is totally
entangled with the LLC one.
This will eventually change in the future when we switch to use
Hence, this commit is a preparation to have already some place to put
new BSSGP specific code in the future.

Change-Id: I816396ab5ccb86032bbc21b41a959934a7768780
2022-12-28 23:11:49 +01:00
Pau Espin 749ca7c850 Move gprs_gb_parse.[c,h] to tests/sgsn/
That big file is really only used by tests/sgsn/sgsn_test nowadays, so
let's keep it out of osmo-sgsn app code base.

Change-Id: Ia5a639832f52b2f015a2800bd0d94a28d7bc689b
2022-12-22 19:49:39 +01:00
Pau Espin 8501126031 vty: Make new libgtp tdefs configurable through VTY
Related: OS#5485
Depends: osmo-ggsn.git Change-Id I10bc8e2e197c0e8753b23b684b5ae41025672bf7
Change-Id: I46e9cd158a9f2f721c69f807beb7bb67a459f4a4
2022-11-04 14:27:30 +01:00
Max caff83e702 Constify LLC/SNDCP parameters
That makes it easier to track side-effects while reading the code.

Related: OS#5349
Change-Id: I903f8a747a8d3b7f734dac7b0c12373ecbb90b11
2022-10-11 10:54:39 +03:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 13ccbc1e61 llc: gprs_llc_fcs(): make the input data pointer const
Change-Id: If95210fe69f915ab1010fe5916cb6bee3faeb7b9
2022-09-08 12:51:54 +00:00
Vadim Yanitskiy d32852664d gprs_llc.h: use '#pragma once'
Change-Id: Iff748fe68dbef83589bfb5e3bea5183deb365fa6
2022-09-08 12:51:43 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 3c7656a481 Iu: add UEA encryption
Add vty 'encryption uea 0 1 2', defaults to 'encryption uea 0' to yield
previous behavior.

If any UEA above 0 is enabled, include the UEA key in the Iu Security
Mode Command.

I noticed that only the code bit in st_iu_security_cmd_on_enter()
affects the test. The same code in gsm48_gmm_authorize() seems to be
dead code? But applying the patch there as well just to be safe.

We cannot yet verify the chosen UEA to match a configured UEA level,
because the iu_client.c does not send us message details with the
Also we cannot yet send the set of configured UEA to the hNodeB, since,
again, iu_client.c does not provide the proper API for it.
The proper solution here is to completely dissolve iu_client.c and do
all Iu handling in osmo-sgsn itself -- see OS#5487.

Related: SYS#5516
Related: I1a7c3b156830058c43f15f55883ea301d2d01d5f (osmo-ttcn3-hacks)
Change-Id: I27e8e0078c45426bf227bb44aac82a4875d18d0f
2022-03-10 19:07:38 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 340a7e9339 s/cipher_support_mask/gea_encryption_mask
will add uea_encryption_mask, and find that the name
'cipher_support_mask' is not concise enough.

Related: SYS#5516
Change-Id: Ie8d4a0534c5b751f698bce425427bb1d28ddea31
2022-03-07 15:37:26 +01:00
Oliver Smith 57425a3805 treewide: remove FSF address
Remove the paragraph about writing to the Free Software Foundation's
mailing address. The FSF has changed addresses in the past, and may do
so again. In 2021 this is not useful, let's rather have a bit less
boilerplate at the start of source files.

Change-Id: I9bc57a7152015e0f37e3d1573921d6d5d3c0449b
2021-12-14 12:21:06 +01:00
Oliver Smith f76428500a llme_free: clean up related sndcp
Fix crash in vty_dump_sne when sndcp->lle has already been deallocated.

* sndcp->lle is set only once in gprs_sndcp_entity_alloc()
* sndcp->lle is a struct gprs_llc_lle, which gets allocated and
  deallocated together with struct gprs_llc_llme. From gprs_llc.h:

    struct gprs_llc_llme {
            struct gprs_llc_lle lle[NUM_SAPIS];

Fixes: OS#4824
Change-Id: I707029f78222bc6335837241e5a08c54c5ae6eb3
2021-12-07 17:13:12 +01:00
Keith Whyte 6cee1a1ded VTY: Don't display 'PDP Address: invalid' for IPv4v6
We were not handling the case of PDP_TYPE_N_IETF_IPv4v6
in gprs_pdpaddr2str() and showed "invalid" for these addresses.

Depends: libosmocore Change-Id: I1f82f9d8fc13dcc4474760329bd74ae9685b9031
Change-Id: Id36b7520677e4a0af40d05dc503b26d1b0b74a26
2021-09-30 20:45:19 +02:00
Eric Wild 2f898265d0 add support for multiple encryption algorithms and a5/4
Change-Id: Ie6700c4e9d2df1eb5fde1b971e287b62668cc2de
Related: SYS#5324
2021-06-16 16:43:23 +02:00
Pau Espin e5c8998f9c Support forwarding RIM messages over GTPCv1 EUTRAN<->GERAN
MMEs connect over Gn interface using GTPCv1 towards the SGSN in order to
exchange RIM PDUs by using "RAN Information Relay" GTPCv1 message type.
For more info, see 3GPP TS 29.060 sec "RAN Information Relay"

In order to support it, this commit does the following:

* Uses new libgtp APIs to rx and tx RAN Information Relay messages. The
  same "gsn" object is reused, ie. the local GTPCv1 socket address used
  for exchanging messages against GGSN is reused.
* Adds a new "sgsn_mme_ctx" struct holding information about MMEs
  allowed by the SGSN, each one containing information about the GTP
  address it uses, the in/out routing based on TAI requests, etc. The
  set of MMEs and their config can be set up using new VTY node introduced
  in this commit.
* The RIM related code in SGSN is refactored to allow forwarding from
  and to several types of addresses/interfaces.

Depends: osmo-ggsn.git Change-Id Iea3eb032ccd4aed5187baca7f7719349d76039d4
Depends: libosmocore.git Change-Id I534db7d8bc5ceb19a2a6866f07d5f5c70e456c5c
Related: SYS#5314
Change-Id: I396450b8d8b66595dab8ff7bf41cbf964bb40d93
2021-05-19 11:45:05 +02:00
Pau Espin 0b0b59a8ff Drop unused GBRPOXY enum field
Change-Id: I85dbc65addfbb072a75b6f62fcc4306b7fbb6a91
2021-05-03 18:19:23 +02:00
Pau Espin 888052e71c mm_state_{gb,iu}_fsm: Improve naming for detach event
The E_(P)MM_IMPLICIT_DETACH event was actually sent and handled when the
UE was considered to be detached, no matter the reason, be it due to
implicit detach, or Detach Request received, etc.
So, let's properly name the event to avoid confusions in the code.

Related: SYS#5389
Change-Id: I224ea9db80b4d96696934cea06349dab036f919b
2021-04-14 13:27:36 +02:00
Pau Espin 913dbcd552 mm_state_{gb,iu}_fsm: Add missing license block, improve spec references
Change-Id: Ifcfd9c11005a388220c599e7b2f6901175141f1c
2021-04-14 13:18:31 +02:00