sgsn_libgtp.c: Drop use of deprecated libgtp APIs gtp_retrans*()

Since osmo-ggsn.git c94837c6a401bf0f80791b619a9b4cfbe9160afd, those
APIs are a no-op since timers are tracked internally through osmocom
APIs (and at the same time, new implementation fixes some timing related

As a result, osmo-sgsn depends now on at least that libgtp commit. Since
it's not yet avaiable on latest libgtp release, let's track it down in
TODO-RELESE to not forget to update libgtp requirements during osmo-sgsn

Related: OS#4178
Change-Id: Ia9a93d4a6ed63cd0c736f9a99d81d730b958d82e
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Pau Espin 2019-09-19 16:17:12 +02:00 committed by pespin
parent 4d1d2e78b1
commit 284314ab0a
3 changed files with 3 additions and 28 deletions

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@ -1 +1,4 @@
#component what description / commit summary line
osmo-sgsn libgtp We dropped libgtp gtp_retranstimeout timer code which became a
no-op in osmo-ggsn.git c94837c6a401bf0f80791b619a9b4cfbe9160afd,
which means next osmo-sgsn release will require libgtp > 1.4.0.

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@ -130,8 +130,6 @@ struct sgsn_instance {
struct osmo_fd gtp_fd0;
struct osmo_fd gtp_fd1c;
struct osmo_fd gtp_fd1u;
/* Timer for libGTP */
struct osmo_timer_list gtp_timer;
/* GSN instance for libgtp */
struct gsn_t *gsn;
/* Subscriber */

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@ -753,28 +753,6 @@ static int sgsn_gtp_fd_cb(struct osmo_fd *fd, unsigned int what)
return rc;
static void sgsn_gtp_tmr_start(struct sgsn_instance *sgi)
struct timeval next;
/* Retrieve next retransmission as struct timeval */
gtp_retranstimeout(sgi->gsn, &next);
/* re-schedule the timer */
osmo_timer_schedule(&sgi->gtp_timer, next.tv_sec, next.tv_usec/1000);
/* timer callback for libgtp retransmissions and ping */
static void sgsn_gtp_tmr_cb(void *data)
struct sgsn_instance *sgi = data;
/* Do all the retransmissions as needed */
int sgsn_gtp_init(struct sgsn_instance *sgi)
int rc;
@ -825,10 +803,6 @@ int sgsn_gtp_init(struct sgsn_instance *sgi)
return rc;
/* Start GTP re-transmission timer */
osmo_timer_setup(&sgi->gtp_timer, sgsn_gtp_tmr_cb, sgi);
/* Register callbackcs with libgtp */
gtp_set_cb_delete_context(gsn, cb_delete_context);
gtp_set_cb_conf(gsn, cb_conf);