Osmocom Serving GPRS Support Node for 2G(GPRS) and 3G(UMTS) https://osmocom.org/projects/osmosgsn
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Philipp Maier e746b0bef6 sgsn_rim: forward message based on RIM ROUTING ADDRESS
At the moment we parse the RAN TRANSPARENT CONTAINER to look at the
destination RIM ROUTING INFORMATION. This is not correct. The SGSN
should not decode the RAN TRANSPARENT CONTAINER and use the RIM ROUTING

Related: OS#6095
Depends: libosmocore.git Ibca1f08906c4ffeecdae80d4e91c6c7b05fe4f8a
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2023-09-18 21:53:39 +02:00
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osmo-sgssn - Osmocom SGSN Implementation

This repository contains a C-language implementation of a GSM Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) for 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS). It is part of the Osmocom Open Source Mobile Communications project.

OsmoSGSN exposes

  • Gb towards PCUs (e.g. OsmoPCU): Various GbIP flavors + Gb/FR/E1
  • GTP towards a GGSN (e.g. OsmoGGSN);
  • IuPS over IP towards RNCs / HNBGW (e.g. osmo-hnbgw)
  • The Osmocom typical telnet VTY and CTRL interfaces.
  • The Osmocom typical statsd exporter.
  • GSUP (custom MAP-like protocol) towards osmo-hlr

OsmoSGSN implements

  • GPRS mobility management
  • GPRS session management


You can find the OsmoSGSN issue tracker and wiki online at https://osmocom.org/projects/osmosgsn and https://osmocom.org/projects/osmosgsn/wiki.

GIT Repository

You can clone from the official osmo-sgsn.git repository using

    git clone https://gitea.osmocom.org/cellular-infrastructure/osmo-sgsn

There is a web interface at https://gitea.osmocom.org/cellular-infrastructure/osmo-sgsn


User Manuals and VTY reference manuals are [optionally] built in PDF form as part of the build process.

Pre-rendered PDF version of the current "master" can be found at User Manual as well as the VTY Reference Manual

Mailing List

Discussions related to osmo-sgsn are happening on the osmocom-net-gprs@lists.osmocom.org mailing list, please see https://lists.osmocom.org/postorius/lists/osmocom-net-gprs.lists.osmocom.org/ for subscription options and the list archive.

Please observe the Osmocom Mailing List Rules when posting.


Our coding standards are described at https://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Coding_standards

We us a gerrit based patch submission/review process for managing contributions. Please see https://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Gerrit for more details

The current patch queue for osmo-sgsn can be seen at https://gerrit.osmocom.org/#/q/project:osmo-sgsn+status:open


OsmoSGSN originated from the OpenBSC project, as a separate program within openbsc.git. In 2017, OpenBSC was split in separate repositories, and hence OsmoSGSN was given its own separate git repository.