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Max 7230f68311 Mark soap.py as deprecated
It might be removed in one of the future releases as we move away from
Twisted. Let's mark it as deprecated to make sure it won't be a

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2019-01-07 17:04:10 +01:00
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sudo python setup.py install
If you prefer to have it cleanly removable, install checkinstall and run
sudo checkinstall python setup.py install
Alternatively, just run 'pip install --user -e ./' or 'pip3 install --user -e ./'
depending on your python version.

There are currently following scripts in this package:
osmotestconfig.py - test that apps start/write with example configs
soap.py - implementation of SOAP <-> Ctrl proxy implemented on top of Twisted (deprecated, unmaintained)
ctrl2cgi.py - implementation of CGI <-> Ctrl proxy implemented on top of Twisted
osmo_rate_ctr2csv.py - rate counter dumper on top of osmo_ipa
osmo_interact_vty.py - pipe stdin/stdout to a VTY session
osmo_interact_ctrl.py - pipe stdin/stdout to a CTRL port
osmo_verify_transcript_vty.py - VTY testing by VTY session screen dumps
osmo_verify_transcript_ctrl.py - CTRL testing by CTRL session script files
twisted_ipa.py - implementation of IPA and Ctrl protocols on top of Twisted framework
osmodumpdoc.py - dump documentation, superseded by osmo_interact_vty.py -X
osmotestvty.py - test vty operations, superseded by osmo_verify_transcript_vty.py

Each of these scripts imports a project-specific osmoappdesc.py,
which provides information about the available apps, configs, vty ports, etc.

Run the scripts with osmoappdesc.py in the current directory (preferred)
or with -p <the directory containing osmoappdesc.py>.
Remember that osmoappdesc.py may contain relative paths.

After install osmodumpdoc for openbsc's apps can be run by:
cd <your_source_dir>/openbsc/openbsc && osmodumpdoc.py

osmopy/osmoutil.py - code that's shared between the scripts
osmopy/osmo_ipa.py - generic implementation of IPA and Ctrl protocols in python
osmopy/trap_helper.py - generic Trap class and related helpers used by soap.py and ctrl2cgi.py
osmopy/osmo_interact/{vty,ctrl}.py - general interactions with VTY and CTRL ports
osmopy/obscvty.py - connect to a vty, superseded by osmo_interact/vty

obscvty.py may be of general use. osmoutil.py probably isn't.