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sudo python install
If you prefer to have it cleanly removable, install checkinstall and run
sudo checkinstall python install
Alternatively, just run 'pip install --user -e ./' or 'pip3 install --user -e ./'
depending on your python version.

There are currently following scripts in this package: - test that apps start/write with example configs - implementation of SOAP <-> Ctrl proxy implemented on top of Twisted - implementation of CGI <-> Ctrl proxy implemented on top of Twisted - rate counter dumper on top of osmo_ipa - pipe stdin/stdout to a VTY session - pipe stdin/stdout to a CTRL port - VTY testing by VTY session screen dumps - CTRL testing by CTRL session script files - implementation of IPA and Ctrl protocols on top of Twisted framework - dump documentation, superseded by -X - test vty operations, superseded by

Each of these scripts imports a project-specific,
which provides information about the available apps, configs, vty ports, etc.

Run the scripts with in the current directory (preferred)
or with -p <the directory containing>.
Remember that may contain relative paths.

After install osmodumpdoc for openbsc's apps can be run by:
cd <your_source_dir>/openbsc/openbsc &&

osmopy/ - code that's shared between the scripts
osmopy/ - generic implementation of IPA and Ctrl protocols in python
osmopy/ - generic Trap class and related helpers used by and
osmopy/osmo_interact/{vty,ctrl}.py - general interactions with VTY and CTRL ports
osmopy/ - connect to a vty, superseded by osmo_interact/vty may be of general use. probably isn't.