twisted: remove low-level logging in dispatchers

The same messages are better handled in derived classes using
message-specific functions instead of generic dispatchers.

Change-Id: I4a054eec9ef7ab39e15ac0cd64834a251d4fb2d7
Max 2018-12-05 19:04:37 +01:00
parent ee3a70ebce
commit e5cc253829
1 changed files with 0 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -146,7 +146,6 @@ class IPACommon(basic.Int16StringReceiver):
(_, proto, extension, content) = IPA().del_header(data)
if content is not None:
self.dbg('IPA received %s::%s [%d/%d] %s' % (IPA().proto(proto), IPA().ext_name(proto, extension), len(data), len(content), content))
method = getattr(self, 'handle_' + IPA().proto(proto), lambda: "protocol dispatch failure")
method(content, proto, extension)
@ -249,7 +248,6 @@ class CTRL(IPACommon):
OSMO CTRL message dispatcher, lambda default should never happen
For basic tests only, appropriate handling routines should be replaced: see CtrlServer for example
self.dbg('OSMO CTRL received %s::%s' % Ctrl().parse_kv(data))
(cmd, op_id, v) = data.decode('utf-8').split(' ', 2)
method = getattr(self, 'ctrl_' + cmd, lambda: "CTRL unknown command")
method(data, op_id, v)