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Due to changes getting out of sync, changes from
I44035323b70f04eb8f5dc12123cb708f53eba188 and
I21ff593be420a374a00073953c9254a013c43164 were overwritten by
I7b59f2dbded9074d15f2d2f40bf5a92ed02601e2 moving code to different
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Change-Id: I811f307ded63e7e1544243921ee07dceae81e295
Maxim Suraev 4 years ago
parent 5baba8c078
commit ac8de71ac7
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@ -43,11 +43,12 @@ class Trap(CTRL):
Parse CTRL TRAP and dispatch to appropriate handler after normalization
self.factory.log.debug('TRAP %s' % v)
(l, r) = v.split()
loc = l.split('.')
t_type = loc[-1]
p = partial(lambda a, i: a[i] if len(a) > i else None, loc) # parse helper
method = getattr(self, 'handle_' + t_type.replace('-', ''), lambda: "Unhandled %s trap" % t_type)
method = getattr(self, 'handle_' + t_type.replace('-', ''), lambda *_: "Unhandled %s trap" % t_type)
method(p(1), p(3), p(5), p(7), r) # we expect net.0.bsc.666.bts.2.trx.1 format for trap prefix
def ctrl_SET_REPLY(self, data, _, v):