ctrl2cgi: log request time

Log http request timestamp and duration on debug loglevel. This is
especially helpful while troubleshooting issues with multiple concurrent
requests under significant load while network issues are present.

Change-Id: I11c8ac67a2730a9c6912694e5b83bbdf08fe357d
Related: SYS#4399
Maxim Suraev 4 years ago
parent 40a375228c
commit 4e95b8f34a
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@ -22,9 +22,9 @@
__version__ = "0.0.6" # bump this on every non-trivial change
__version__ = "0.0.7" # bump this on every non-trivial change
import argparse, os, logging, logging.handlers
import argparse, os, logging, logging.handlers, datetime
import hashlib
import json
import configparser
@ -40,11 +40,12 @@ from osmopy.osmo_ipa import Ctrl
assert V(twisted_ipa_version) > V('0.4')
def handle_reply(bid, f, log, resp):
def handle_reply(ts, bid, f, log, resp):
Reply handler: process raw CGI server response, function f to run for each command
decoded = json.loads(resp.decode('utf-8'))
log.debug('request for BSC %s took %d seconds' % (bid, (datetime.datetime.now() - ts).total_seconds()))
comm_proc(decoded.get('commands'), bid, f, log)
def gen_hash(params, skey):
@ -60,9 +61,9 @@ def gen_hash(params, skey):
#print('HASH: \nparams="%r"\ninput="%s" \nres="%s"' %(params, input, res))
return res
def make_async_req(dst, par, f_write, f_log):
def make_async_req(ts, dst, par, f_write, f_log):
d = post(dst, par)
d.addCallback(collect, partial(handle_reply, par['bsc_id'], f_write, f_log)) # treq's collect helper is handy to get all reply content at once
d.addCallback(collect, partial(handle_reply, ts, par['bsc_id'], f_write, f_log)) # treq's collect helper is handy to get all reply content at once
d.addErrback(lambda e: f_log.critical("HTTP POST error %s while trying to register BSC %s on %s" % (e, par['bsc_id'], dst))) # handle HTTP errors
return d
@ -106,8 +107,10 @@ class Trap(CTRL):
params = make_params(bsc, data)
self.factory.log.info('location-state@%s.%s.%s.%s (%s) => %s' % (net, bsc, bts, trx, params['time_stamp'], data))
params['h'] = gen_hash(params, self.factory.secret_key)
t = datetime.datetime.now()
self.factory.log.debug('Preparing request for BSC %s @ %s...' % (params['bsc_id'], t))
# Ensure that we run only limited number of requests in parallel:
self.factory.semaphore.run(make_async_req, self.factory.location, params, self.transport.write, self.factory.log)
self.factory.semaphore.run(make_async_req, t, self.factory.location, params, self.transport.write, self.factory.log)
def handle_notificationrejectionv1(self, net, bsc, bts, trx, data):