Drop unused Trap() class

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@ -71,65 +71,6 @@ def p_h(v):
loc = split_type(v)
return partial(lambda a, i: a[i] if len(a) > i else None, loc)
class Trap(CTRL):
TRAP handler (agnostic to factory's client object)
def ctrl_TRAP(self, data, op_id, v):
Parse CTRL TRAP and dispatch to appropriate handler after normalization
self.factory.log.debug('TRAP %s' % v)
(l, r) = v.split()
loc = l.split('.')
t_type = loc[-1]
p = partial(lambda a, i: a[i] if len(a) > i else None, loc) # parse helper
method = getattr(self, 'handle_' + t_type.replace('-', ''), lambda *_: "Unhandled %s trap" % t_type)
method(p(1), p(3), p(5), p(7), r) # we expect net.0.bsc.666.bts.2.trx.1 format for trap prefix
def ctrl_SET_REPLY(self, data, _, v):
Debug log for replies to our commands
self.factory.log.debug('SET REPLY %s' % v)
def ctrl_ERROR(self, data, op_id, v):
We want to know if smth went wrong
self.factory.log.debug('CTRL ERROR [%s] %s' % (op_id, v))
def connectionMade(self):
Logging wrapper, calling super() is necessary not to break reconnection logic
self.factory.log.info("Connected to CTRL@%s:%d" % (self.factory.host, self.factory.port))
super(CTRL, self).connectionMade()
def handle_locationstate(self, net, bsc, bts, trx, data):
Handle location-state TRAP: parse trap content, prepare parameters and use treq's routines to post it while setting up async handlers
(ts, fx, lat, lon, height, opr, adm, pol, mcc, mnc) = data.split(',')
tstamp = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(float(ts)).isoformat()
self.factory.log.debug('location-state@%s.%s.%s.%s (%s) [%s/%s] => %s' % (net, bsc, bts, trx, tstamp, mcc, mnc, data))
d = self.factory.prepare_params(bsc, lon, lat, fix.get(fx, 0), tstamp, oper.get(opr, 2), admin.get(adm, 2), policy.get(pol, 3))
d.addErrback(lambda e, bsc: self.factory.log.critical("HTTP POST error %s while trying to register BSC %s on %s" % (e, bsc, self.factory.location)), bsc) # handle HTTP errors
# Ensure that we run only limited number of requests in parallel:
yield self.factory.semaphore.acquire()
yield d # we end up here only if semaphore is available which means it's ok to fire the request without exceeding the limit
def handle_notificationrejectionv1(self, net, bsc, bts, trx, data):
Handle notification-rejection-v1 TRAP: just an example to show how more message types can be handled
self.factory.log.debug('notification-rejection-v1@bsc-id %s => %s' % (bsc, data))
def reloader(path, script, log, dbg1, dbg2, signum, _):
Signal handler: we have to use execl() because twisted's reactor is not restartable due to some bug in twisted implementation