Philipp Maier 2353ed403f bts: add IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT via PCH transmission
In situations where the PCU is co-located to the BSC, the IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT
for downlink TBFs must be sent via RSL and the BSC also must instruct the BTS
to transmit the IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT via PCH instead of AGCH. Eventually the
BSC must sent a confirmation message (follow-up patch) where the TLLI is used
as an identifer.

This new method will eventually replace the previous method that uses
the MAC block as an identifier. To remain compatible with older versions
of osmo-bsc, we will keep the old method until osmo-bts is migrated as

This patch also requires new features to be added to the PCU socket
interface the version number of the protocol is incremented from 0x0a to
0x0b. Version 0x0a will remain compatible and use the old method, while
version 0x0b will use the new method introduced with this patch.

Change-Id: I2a78651593323e8b9627c39918d949a33497b70f
Related: OS#5198
2023-03-06 17:39:11 +01:00
pcu bts: add IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT via PCH transmission 2023-03-06 17:39:11 +01:00