Osmocom Packet control Unit (PCU): Network-side GPRS (RLC/MAC); BTS- or BSC-colocated https://osmocom.org/projects/osmopcu
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/* gprs_ms.h
* Copyright (C) 2015-2020 by Sysmocom s.f.m.c. GmbH
* Author: Jacob Erlbeck <jerlbeck@sysmocom.de>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
* of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
#pragma once
struct gprs_codel;
#include "llc.h"
#include "tbf.h"
#include "tbf_ul.h"
#include "tbf_dl.h"
#include "pcu_l1_if.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <osmocom/core/timer.h>
#include <osmocom/core/linuxlist.h>
#include <osmocom/core/rate_ctr.h>
#include <osmocom/gsm/protocol/gsm_23_003.h>
#include <osmocom/gsm/gsm48.h>
#include "coding_scheme.h"
#include <gsm_rlcmac.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
enum ms_counter_id {
struct gprs_rlcmac_bts;
struct gprs_rlcmac_trx;
struct GprsMs;
struct gpr_ms_callback {
void (*ms_idle)(struct GprsMs *);
void (*ms_active)(struct GprsMs *);
struct GprsMs {
struct llist_head list; /* list of all GprsMs */
struct gpr_ms_callback cb;
bool app_info_pending;
struct gprs_rlcmac_bts *bts;
struct gprs_rlcmac_ul_tbf *ul_tbf;
struct gprs_rlcmac_dl_tbf *dl_tbf;
struct llist_head old_tbfs; /* list of gprs_rlcmac_tbf */
uint32_t tlli;
uint32_t new_ul_tlli;
uint32_t new_dl_tlli;
/* store IMSI for look-up and PCH retransmission */
char imsi[OSMO_IMSI_BUF_SIZE];
uint8_t ta;
uint8_t ms_class;
uint8_t egprs_ms_class;
/* current coding scheme */
enum CodingScheme current_cs_ul;
enum CodingScheme current_cs_dl;
struct gprs_llc_queue llc_queue;
bool is_idle;
int ref;
struct osmo_timer_list timer;
unsigned delay;
int64_t last_cs_not_low;
struct pcu_l1_meas l1_meas;
unsigned nack_rate_dl;
uint8_t reserved_dl_slots;
uint8_t reserved_ul_slots;
struct gprs_rlcmac_trx *current_trx;
struct gprs_codel *codel_state;
enum mcs_kind mode;
struct rate_ctr_group *ctrs;
struct nacc_fsm_ctx *nacc;
struct GprsMs *ms_alloc(struct gprs_rlcmac_bts *bts, uint32_t tlli);
int ms_first_common_ts(const struct GprsMs *ms);
void ms_set_reserved_slots(struct GprsMs *ms, struct gprs_rlcmac_trx *trx,
uint8_t ul_slots, uint8_t dl_slots);
struct GprsMs *ms_ref(struct GprsMs *ms);
void ms_unref(struct GprsMs *ms);
void ms_set_mode(struct GprsMs *ms, enum mcs_kind mode);
void ms_set_ms_class(struct GprsMs *ms, uint8_t ms_class_);
void ms_set_egprs_ms_class(struct GprsMs *ms, uint8_t ms_class_);
void ms_set_ta(struct GprsMs *ms, uint8_t ta_);
enum CodingScheme ms_current_cs_dl(const struct GprsMs *ms, enum mcs_kind req_mcs_kind);
enum CodingScheme ms_max_cs_ul(const struct GprsMs *ms);
enum CodingScheme ms_max_cs_dl(const struct GprsMs *ms);
void ms_set_current_cs_dl(struct GprsMs *ms, enum CodingScheme scheme);
void ms_update_error_rate(struct GprsMs *ms, struct gprs_rlcmac_tbf *tbf, int error_rate);
uint8_t ms_current_pacch_slots(const struct GprsMs *ms);
void ms_merge_and_clear_ms(struct GprsMs *ms, struct GprsMs *old_ms);
void ms_attach_tbf(struct GprsMs *ms, struct gprs_rlcmac_tbf *tbf);
void ms_detach_tbf(struct GprsMs *ms, struct gprs_rlcmac_tbf *tbf);
void ms_set_tlli(struct GprsMs *ms, uint32_t tlli);
bool ms_confirm_tlli(struct GprsMs *ms, uint32_t tlli);
void ms_set_imsi(struct GprsMs *ms, const char *imsi);
void ms_update_l1_meas(struct GprsMs *ms, const struct pcu_l1_meas *meas);
struct gprs_rlcmac_tbf *ms_tbf(const struct GprsMs *ms, enum gprs_rlcmac_tbf_direction dir);
static inline struct gprs_rlcmac_ul_tbf *ms_ul_tbf(const struct GprsMs *ms) {return ms->ul_tbf;}
static inline struct gprs_rlcmac_dl_tbf *ms_dl_tbf(const struct GprsMs *ms) {return ms->dl_tbf;}
void ms_set_callback(struct GprsMs *ms, struct gpr_ms_callback *cb);
int ms_nacc_start(struct GprsMs *ms, Packet_Cell_Change_Notification_t *notif);
bool ms_nacc_rts(const struct GprsMs *ms);
struct msgb *ms_nacc_create_rlcmac_msg(struct GprsMs *ms, struct gprs_rlcmac_tbf *tbf, uint32_t fn, uint8_t ts);
static inline bool ms_is_idle(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return !ms->ul_tbf && !ms->dl_tbf && !ms->ref && llist_empty(&ms->old_tbfs);
static inline struct gprs_llc_queue *ms_llc_queue(struct GprsMs *ms)
return &ms->llc_queue;
static inline bool ms_need_dl_tbf(struct GprsMs *ms)
if (ms_dl_tbf(ms) != NULL &&
tbf_state((const struct gprs_rlcmac_tbf *)ms_dl_tbf(ms)) != TBF_ST_WAIT_RELEASE)
return false;
return llc_queue_size(ms_llc_queue(ms)) > 0;
static inline uint32_t ms_tlli(const struct GprsMs *ms)
if (ms->new_ul_tlli != GSM_RESERVED_TMSI)
return ms->new_ul_tlli;
if (ms->tlli != GSM_RESERVED_TMSI)
return ms->tlli;
return ms->new_dl_tlli;
static inline bool ms_check_tlli(struct GprsMs *ms, uint32_t tlli)
return tlli != GSM_RESERVED_TMSI &&
(tlli == ms->tlli || tlli == ms->new_ul_tlli || tlli == ms->new_dl_tlli);
static inline const char *ms_imsi(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->imsi;
static inline uint8_t ms_ta(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->ta;
static inline uint8_t ms_ms_class(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->ms_class;
static inline uint8_t ms_egprs_ms_class(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->egprs_ms_class;
static inline enum CodingScheme ms_current_cs_ul(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->current_cs_ul;
static inline enum mcs_kind ms_mode(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->mode;
static inline void ms_set_timeout(struct GprsMs *ms, unsigned secs)
ms->delay = secs;
static inline struct gprs_codel *ms_codel_state(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->codel_state;
static inline unsigned ms_nack_rate_dl(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->nack_rate_dl;
static inline uint8_t ms_reserved_dl_slots(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->reserved_dl_slots;
static inline uint8_t ms_reserved_ul_slots(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->reserved_ul_slots;
static inline struct gprs_rlcmac_trx *ms_current_trx(const struct GprsMs *ms)
return ms->current_trx;
#define LOGPMS(ms, category, level, fmt, args...) \
LOGP(category, level, "MS(TLLI=0x%08x, IMSI=%s, TA=%" PRIu8 ", %" PRIu8 "/%" PRIu8 ",%s%s) " fmt, \
ms_tlli(ms), ms_imsi(ms), ms_ta(ms), ms_ms_class(ms), ms_egprs_ms_class(ms), \
ms_ul_tbf(ms) ? " UL": "", \
ms_dl_tbf(ms) ? " DL": "", \
## args)
#ifdef __cplusplus