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Pau Espin 50aa492b85 Bump version: → 0.9.0
Change-Id: I4b9405df5f40e8f2724ba8aa8f88e2602c1e8374
2021-02-23 14:41:01 +01:00
Pau Espin c0a250d17d Introduce NACC support
A new nacc_fsm is introduced per MS object, with its partner priv
structure struct nacc_fsm_ctx, which exists and is available in the MS
object only during the duration of the NACC procedure.

The NACC context is created on an MS whenever a Pkt Cell Change
Notification is received on Uplink RLCMAC, which asks for neighbor
information of a given ARFCN+BSIC.

First, the target ARFCN+BSIC needs to be translated into a CGI-PS
(RAC+CI) address. That's done by asking the BSC through the Neighbour
Resolution Service available in osmo-bsc using the CTRL interface.

Once the CGI-PS of the target cell is known, PCU starts a RIM RAN-INFO
request against the SGSN (which will route the request as needed), and
wait for a response containing the SI bits from the target cell.

After the SI are received, the scheduler is instructed to eventually
poll a TBF for the MS originating the CCN, so that we can send the SI
encapsulated into multiple Packet Neighbor Cell Data messages on the

One all the SI bits are sent, the scheduler is instructed to send a
Packet Cell Change Continue message.

Once the message above has been sent, the FSM autodestroys itself.

Caches are also introduced in this patch which allows for re-using
recently known translations ARFCN+BSIC -> CGI-PS and CGI-PS -> SI_INFO

Change-Id: Id35f40d05f3e081f32fddbf1fa34cb338db452ca
2021-01-29 12:59:30 +01:00
Oliver Smith 91e3567a15 set -std=gnu11
Change-Id: Iac2c0b14252c46aec2b00d46800fcc9f87a5a586
2021-01-28 09:28:34 +00:00
Pau Espin b75c27febd Support setting rt-prio and cpu-affinity mask through VTY
Change-Id: I92bfabd57fab28b23bd4494a577373106be1daec
Depends: libosmocore.git Change-Id If76a4bd2cc7b3c7adf5d84790a944d78be70e10a
Depends: osmo-gsm-masnuals.git Change-Id Icd75769ef630c3fa985fc5e2154d5521689cdd3c
Related: SYS#4986
2020-08-20 08:44:54 +00:00
Pau Espin fad557ec0f Fix trailing whitespace
Change-Id: I54b360c537e04ab3a9cb30ac3e3f9730bcad1c91
2020-08-20 08:44:54 +00:00
Oliver Smith c10cb81593 contrib: integrate RPM spec
Remove OpenSUSE bug report link, set version to @VERSION@, make it build
with CentOS 8 etc.

Related: OS#4550
Change-Id: Idfe04c2e2609763387d1309f059c390b8e7ae938
2020-05-19 17:08:33 +02:00
Eric Wild 2e90a1f015 fix libtool issue with clang and sanitizer
As pointed out at
libtool does not play nice with clang sanitizer builds at all.
For those builds LD shoud be set to clang too (and LDFLAGS needs the
sanitizer flags as well), because the clang compiler driver knows how
linking to the sanitizer libs works, but then at a later stage libtool
fails to actually produce the shared libraries and the build fails. This
is fixed by this patch.

Addtionally LD_LIBRARY_PATH has no effect on conftest runs during
configure time, so the rpath needs to be set to the asan library path to
ensure the configure run does not fail due to a missing asan library,

SANS='-fsanitize=memory -fsanitize-recover=all -shared-libsan'
export CC=clang-10
ASANPATH=$(dirname `$CC`)

Change-Id: I999adf84a34c03765ce6c32ece0e61d0ac6e1c13
2020-04-11 01:19:46 +02:00
Pau Espin b507e428e8 Bump version: → 0.8.0
Change-Id: Ic5e69a396df659933fd4d50298b9925e837a6861
2020-01-03 19:40:02 +01:00
Oliver Smith 04797b1e35 set C and C++ dialects
Make sure that the compiler always assumes the same C dialect, to
prevent unexpected compiler errors when building with older compilers
(on other Linux distrubtions like in OBS, or in docker).

Use gnu89 and gnu++03, because that is what the code currently compiles

Related: OS#3598
Change-Id: Ia57ba101627e3cc0babeca82631e207a3e2e0960
2019-09-18 14:28:43 +02:00
Pau Espin 3bcc7ab418 Require newer libosmocore to avoid compile failures
Older commit started using OSMO_IMSI_BUF_SIZE, only available in
libosmocore 1.1.0 onwards, but forgot to increase the values in

Fixes: 2c076bcb4d
Change-Id: Iaf5f276a092c695a5f077551d9784652c2289424
2019-08-07 21:07:49 +02:00
Jean-Francois Dionne c1e44908fe Initial commit for OC-2G support.
From-Commit: b77fd00608dd
Change-Id: I7cd89a549c9463e81893ca7dd925299f728e4453
2019-03-27 14:16:41 +01:00
Max 1f2e69fd35 Don't install pcuif_proto.h header
Both OsmoBTS and OsmoBSC use their own copies of this header nowadays so
we can simplify our installation slightly by making it local only.

Change-Id: I4a87395d4ab7212fe2fc055dae0a737e10d20c69
2019-02-14 16:35:36 +01:00
Oliver Smith 47aab58ec3 build manuals moved here from osmo-gsm-manuals.git
Moved to doc/manuals/, with full commit history, in preceding merge commit.
Now incorporate in the build system.

Build with:

$ autoreconf -fi
$ ./configure --enable-manuals
$ make

Shared files from osmo-gsm-manuals.git are found automatically if
- the repository is checked out in ../osmo-gsm-manuals; or
- if it osmo-gsm-manuals was installed with "make install"; or

Related: OS#3385
Change-Id: I7270652de393a98748c0cdc51e626c17ab8f44c2
2018-11-27 18:30:56 +01:00
Pau Espin ac5e3e222a Move examples/ to doc/examples/
Change-Id: I1e163e10f8a2e22b9ebdcb2d0f13f6ad07c84efe
2018-09-13 11:36:01 +02:00
Pau Espin 516697e29a Install systemd services with autotools
Change-Id: Ie4c7e81495181059d1dff1c194d52d11fb72ed03
2018-09-10 16:09:54 +02:00
Pau Espin 3e9c071aa6 Set CXXFLAGS during --enable-sanitize
For some unknown reason ld was failing to find some asan symbols until I
enabled asan too in CXXFLAGS.

Change-Id: I695314b284277674dc336b40765313a37d238d6e
2018-09-10 14:52:21 +02:00
Pau Espin 448750e4e2 Bump version: → 0.5.1
Change-Id: I0c5a3f3cee8332d5088982117037d5a0b077061b
2018-07-27 21:56:39 +02:00
Pau Espin f1a334be63 Bump version: → 0.5.0
Change-Id: I6ce6fb40690a66b0980eba4fa03b47da2f59ee6e
2018-05-03 16:20:01 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 9f06cbff6d configure: properly quote CFLAGS in lc15 check
Change-Id: I7bb7a7d7b5b9340cb41c95f848774ee378c59212
2018-03-29 22:10:57 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr a661bcd086 configure: fix --enable-sysmocom-dsp and --with-sysmobts flags
Fix multiple problems around the sysmobts DSP access and headers:

- Use the proper variable name to detect the choice: $enable_sysmocom_bts was
  not set anywhere and would actually be used from the current user env, if
  present, instead of from configure args.

- Quote the $CPPFLAGS when assigning to oldCPPFLAGS and back.

- When checking SYSMOBTS_INCDIR, do not allow an empty "-I" without a dir.

- Ensure the --with-sysmobts path is used as an absolute path.

- Error out if --with-sysmobts is paired with --disable-sysmocom-dsp.

Also tweak reporting.

The resulting behavior now is:

./configure --disable-sysmocom-dsp
checking whether to enable direct DSP access for PDCH of sysmocom-bts... no

./configure --enable-sysmocom-dsp
checking whether to enable direct DSP access for PDCH of sysmocom-bts... yes
checking for sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h... no
configure: error: sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h can not be found, see --with-sysmobts

./configure --disable-sysmocom-dsp --with-sysmobts=../../../sysmobts/layer1-api
checking whether to enable direct DSP access for PDCH of sysmocom-bts... error
configure: error: --with-sysmobts does not work with --disable-sysmocom-dsp

./configure --enable-sysmocom-dsp --with-sysmobts=../../../sysmobts/layer1-api
checking whether to enable direct DSP access for PDCH of sysmocom-bts... yes, using -I/n/s/sysmobts/layer1-api
checking for sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h... yes

./configure --with-sysmobts=../../../sysmobts/layer1-api
checking whether to enable direct DSP access for PDCH of sysmocom-bts... yes, using -I/n/s/sysmobts/layer1-api
checking for sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h... yes

./configure --with-sysmobts=/nonexisting/path
checking whether to enable direct DSP access for PDCH of sysmocom-bts... yes, using -I/nonexisting/path
checking for sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h... no
configure: error: sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h can not be found in -I/nonexisting/path, see --with-sysmobts

./configure --with-sysmobts=/var/log
checking whether to enable direct DSP access for PDCH of sysmocom-bts... yes, using -I/var/log
checking for sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h... no
configure: error: sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h can not be found in -I/var/log, see --with-sysmobts

Change-Id: I2f5988730dbbcf3b21d8c647c499623843ed3da9
2018-03-29 17:14:22 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 5a5919435e configure: add --enable-werror
Provide a sane means of adding the -Werror compiler flag.

Currently, some of our add -Werror by passing 'CFLAGS="-Werror"',
but that actually *overwrites* all the other CFLAGS we might want to have set.

Maintain these exceptions from -Werror:
a) deprecation (allow upstream to mark deprecation without breaking builds);
b) "#warning" pragmas (allow to remind ourselves of errors without breaking

As a last configure step before generating the output files, print the complete

Change-Id: I0f735913fc3bbda695c4e66449dcfc94f417dafb
2018-03-13 00:03:38 +00:00
Max 186206cff2 Allow specifying sysmocom headers explicitly
The headers for LC1.5 are specified explicitly. Add corresponding option
to specify sysmoBTS headers location and use it in jenkins build. While
at it, unify header fixup code with the one used in OsmoBTS.

Change-Id: I5248e8b389fd240b4d5a0bcf6c954d6115262462
2018-01-17 11:17:43 +00:00
Max 2141962baf Fix sanitizer build
Add sanitizer flags to linker as well to resolve linker error.

Change-Id: I695baaf8ce78ed938f6f71c40d17120fa690338b
2018-01-15 17:23:17 +01:00
Max effdec6e13 Add optional profiling support
This facilitates the use of programs like uftrace. It's disabled by
default due to associated overhead.

Change-Id: I5c16988cefa46e0b958030c0f3bff9efc5b4979d
2017-12-28 14:18:02 +01:00
Max b2f0b62cd4 Add --enable-sanitize configure option
Change-Id: Idb2c1d6057012ed2f032e7504387a0767d02d75b
2017-12-21 17:27:34 +01:00
Harald Welte 3e51d3e5bd Call osmo_init_logging() before static BTS constructor
The BTS constructor uses functions of libosmocore that could in turn
want to log something.  This requires the logging to be initialized

The only way to achieve this is to add an __attribute__((constructor))
function *before* the BTS constructor is being run.

This solution might not be elegant, but  I guess it's the only way to
initialize a C library before calling C++ constructors of global static
instance of a class.

In case anyone comes up with a better / cleaner approach, we can always
change later.

This change requires libosmocore >= 0.10.1, as only that permits
multiple calls to osmo_init_logging() which may now occur.

Change-Id: I28dc4f0db229518348c92413959fed5ae85d753d
2017-10-29 11:02:34 +01:00
Max d78adfb577 Facilitate future releases
* use release helper from libosmocore
* use semantic versioning

Change-Id: Ie0a7f5977550bd0a1ba8b03bdb7e2d619a398e4e
Related: OS#1861
2017-08-24 13:53:25 +02:00
Harald Welte c136be04f7 lc15: further fixes regarding --with-litecell15
The fix in 0fb294a8dd was only partially
valid, as it unconditionally used $includedir, without any prefix.  This
polluted the include path with host include files in cross-compiling

Let's take a different approach and simply define LITECELL15_CFLAGS
(similar to what pkgconfig does), which makes the "-I" go away if no
--with-litecell15 has been specified.

Change-Id: I63393decfe42a24dab56c7654f716c1580416ab2
2017-06-11 11:40:18 +02:00
Harald Welte 0fb294a8dd lc15: fix variable substitution causing compile error
When "--enable-lc15bts-phy" is passed to './configure' without specifying
an explicit header file path using "--with-litecell15=", we ended up
generating an empty string as LITECELL15_INCDIR and rendered something
like "-DENABLE_DIRECT_PHY  -I -I../../git/src/osmo-bts-litecell15" as
part of the compiler invocation, where the -I with no argument will hide
the second -I, as the second one is supposed to be the optarg for the
first include.

This in turn made the "#include <lc15_l1_if.h>" fail, when using
separate source and build directories.

This patch fixes the configur script to use $includedir, rather than the
non-existant $incdir as default for LITECELL15_INCDIR

Change-Id: I483e62f8331e7867a92f8055c4d450fdd5288cb6
2017-06-11 10:35:56 +02:00
Max 727295f206 Add pkg-config file
We're installing header file pcuif_proto.h so it's better to use
pkg-config for proper version tracking similar to the way it's done for

Change-Id: I0520045e5655794df152b98b9755d7cbbd334049
2017-03-09 12:17:35 +01:00
Harald Welte 68fc12775f Install the pcuif_proto.h header file
So far, we used to keep a copy of the header file around in
both osmo-pcu and osmo-bts projects.  Before we start introducing
a third copy in openbsc, let's have the osmo-pcu install the header
file and make the other programs use that.

Change-Id: I60976c9be5488256d1ff55fdc5aa548e3705400d
2016-11-17 21:09:55 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 6348aea6a2 build: add -Wall
I noticed that unused variables are not complained about by the build. Let's
add -Wall.

I also noticed that the Makefile.ams include STD_DEFINES_AND_INCLUDES, which is
never set in, so using that to add -Wall to all build contexts.

Change-Id: I16711cf5a1ef8bd611074b3dd486ed7a0ae9df64
2016-10-03 10:02:17 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr da66f71ffe configure: check for pkg-config presence
Change-Id: Iaaeb2a926fc3832793dfb3f02e4ced2500950997
2016-10-01 01:06:19 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr da933e0ff8 build: be robust against install-sh files above the root dir
Explicitly set AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR.

To reproduce the error avoided by this patch:

  rm install-sh        # in case it was already generated.
  touch ../install-sh  # yes, outside this source tree
  autoreconf -fi

This will produce an error like

  ... error: required file '../' not found installing '../missing'
  src/ installing '../depcomp'
  autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1

See also automake (vim `which automake`) and look for 'sub locate_aux_dir'.

Change-Id: Ie9a10f14c5e8c5e9b6ea4910b4b9abb7e70f5e04
2016-10-01 01:06:19 +02:00
Yves Godin 660709dc7c Add support for NuRAN Wireless Litecell 1.5 BTS
Layer 1 compatibility with previous generation or NuRan GSM product,
therefore the support for the Litecell 1.5 uses its own sources instead
of using tons of ifdef/endif.

Max's amendments:
* make headers path configurable
* use configured TRX instead of hardcoded value
* split subdir-objects into separate commit
* cosmetic changes

Change-Id: Ib1287375cb10a889625bbac8528fa60deed23a2b
Fixes: SYS#2443
Tested-by: Jenkins Builder
Reviewed-by: Harald Welte <>
2016-05-20 16:26:20 +00:00
Harald Welte 08e5d604d3 remove obsolete OpenBTS PCU interface support
This OpenBTS socket interface was originally added to enable GPRS
capabilitie with a forked version of OpenBTS, at a time when the public
OpenBTS release didn't yet have any GPRS support.

Meanwhile, the later OpenBTS releases included their own version of
GPRS, without any external PCU/SGSN/GGSN, so this interface is no longer

This also means that the OsmoBTS socket interface is now the default at
compilation time.  There is no other interface.
2015-11-13 16:07:25 +01:00
Harald Welte d32cbbb130 rename sysmo_sock.cpp to osmobts_sock.cpp
This also renames the --enable-sysmbts option to --enable-osmobts

This socket interface was nevery sysmoBTS specific, but it is a generic
socket interface to any OsmoBTS supported layer1/hardware.  So it was a
mis-nomer so far.
2015-11-12 01:01:35 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 5752285bc5 misc: Update the email address to point to the current ML
We have unified all PS related communication to the
osmocom-net-gprs mailinglist, update to
point there.
2015-05-22 10:33:46 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther e13298d093 tests: Move the RLCMACTest into the test directory and setup autotest 2013-08-02 13:40:20 +04:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther bb00704871 tests: Create tests directory and move the VTY testing into there 2013-08-02 13:39:55 +04:00
Ivan Kluchnikov b6bb55d88c We shouldn't include the VTY tests in make check by default. 2013-04-24 15:53:25 +04:00
Kat 7dac4862bc Added conditional python-based tests for VTY/config handling 2013-04-06 11:00:20 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 827ed55c3b misc: Use the $enableval in the macro and not "yes"
--enable-sysmocom-bts=no does not work because the enableval variable
is not used.
2013-01-23 21:54:19 +01:00
Harald Welte e4050114f5 install osmo-pcu.cfg to /etc/osmocom/ 2013-01-11 17:49:22 +01:00
Andreas Eversberg a23c7eee15 Adding direct access to DSP of sysmoBTS for PDTCH traffice
In order to use this feature, sysmoBTS requires option "-M", otherwise
the traffic is forwarded through socket interface.

This is essential, if PCU runs on processor of sysmoBTS. The reaction
time and delay of PDTCH frames could heavily degrade proper packet flow.
2012-12-18 10:47:28 +01:00
Ivan Kluchnikov ef7f28cc7f Merge branch 'jolly_new'
Merge is based on jolly_new branch with two modifications.
1. Modified PCU L1 interface.
pcu_l1_if.cpp - common functions for tx and rx messages on L1 interface.
sysmo_sock.cpp - SYSMO-PCU socket functions.
openbts_sock.cpp - OpenBTS-PCU socket functions.
pcuif_proto.h - L1 interface's primitives.
2. Modified encoding of RLC/MAC Control messages, now we use structures and encode_gsm_rlcmac_downlink() function for encode control blocks (without  hand-coding).
2012-07-12 14:49:15 +04:00
Harald Welte d679009a2d remove dependencies to openbsc/osmoggsn internals
...and link against libosmogb (part of libosmocore.git)
2012-07-06 07:24:41 +02:00
Harald Welte 477e79e67e remove dependencies to openbsc/osmoggsn internals
...and link against libosmogb (part of libosmocore.git)
2012-06-18 12:22:18 +08:00
Harald Welte 57f6b0220f Add auto-foo (partial cleanup, master makefile/ 2012-06-14 21:05:44 +08:00