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osmo-pcu (0.7.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Rafael Diniz ]
* Added support for daemonize to osmo-pcu.
* Fix help message formatting of osmo-pcu.
[ Max ]
* Don't install pcuif_proto.h header
* Move C include to proper place
* Add define for dummy burst string
* Add encoding tests for Immediate Assignment
* Clarify write_immediate_assignment() signature
* Restructure IA Rest Octets encoders
* Rewrite Packet Downlink Assignment
* Rewrite EGPRS Packet Uplink IA Rest Octets for MBA
* Rewrite EGPRS Packet Uplink IA Rest Octets for SBA
* MCS: internalize 'family' parameter
* EDGE tests: reduce code duplication
* MCS: remove dead code
* EDGE tests: remove no-op check
* Use msgb_eq_data_print() in tests
* Tighten lqual table limits check
* Enable LGLOBAL logging for TBF tests
* Log (M)CS UL update errors
* MCS: move Coding Scheme enum outside of class definition
* Make get_retx_mcs() into regular function
* MCS: remove unused function
* Debian: bump copyright year
* Use unique NSEI/BVCI/NSVCI in TBF tests
* MS store: move test helper to unit test
* Explicitly clean up BTS singleton
* MCS: move HeaderType enum outside of class definition
* MCS: use value_string for conversion
* TBF-DL: log MCS as string
* Fix TA index encoder
* MCS: move Mode enum outside of class definition
* MCS: add mcs_is_*() helpers
* MCS: add Channel Coding Command encoder
* Fix Channel Coding Command for MCS
* Rewrite Packet Uplink IA Rest Octets for MBA
* Rewrite Packet Uplink IA Rest Octets for SBA
* Use Timing Advance Index in UL assignments
* TBF: update MCS counters
* TBF-DL: cosmetic update for helper routines
* Update IA Rest Octets encoding
* TS alloc: expand tests log
* vty: add commands to show TBF of a certain kind
* Update MCS selection for retransmission
* cosmetic: use const pointer for bts_data
* Add test for MS mode and (M)CS settings
* Use libosmocore for IMSI parsing
[ Harald Welte ]
* Mark gprs_ns_reconnect() as static (not used outside of C file)
* Optionally Use the NS Sub-Network-Service (SNS) on Gb
* pcu_l1_if: Fix erroneous endian-swapping of the CellID
* Forward GPRS SUSPEND REQ from BTS to SGSN using BSSGP
* gprs_debug: Use named initializers and explicit array indicies
* bssgp: Fix dead code: PDUT_STATUS can never reach this part
[ JF Dionne ]
* encoding: Fixes TMSI vs MI bit selection in repeated page info
[ Oliver Smith ]
* tests: use -no-install libtool flag to avoid ./lt-* scripts
* debian: create -doc subpackage with pdf manuals
* contrib/jenkins.sh: run "make maintainer-clean"
[ Daniel Willmann ]
* Include pdch.h in bts.h even if we're not compiling C++
* oc2g: Remove custom alarms
* oc2g: Change log type (Litecell15->Oc2g)
* jenkins.sh: Add oc2g build support
* manuals: Add script to regenerate vty/counter documentation
* manuals: Update VTY documentation
[ Jean-Francois Dionne ]
* Initial commit for OC-2G support.
[ Minh-Quang Nguyen ]
* OC-2G: Fix missing header
* OC-2G: Fix TA adjustment
* OC-2G: Always use positive TA information provided in PH-RA-IND
[ Alexander Couzens ]
* gprs_bssgp_pcu: make gprs_bssgp_ns_cb public
* gprs_bssgp_pcu: explicit allocate & initialize bssgp_nsi instance
* encoding: correct encoding of CRBB in ACK/NACK when not byte aligned
* encoding: use `/* */` for comments instead of `#if 0 #endif`
* egprs_rlc_compression: fix white spaces
* tests/BitcompTest: fix wording in log message
* rlc: replace int with uint16_t
* Encoding: drop struct gprs_rlcmac_bts* from all functions
* decompress_crbb: add length argument for search_runlen
* Encoding: write_packet_ack_nack_desc_egprs: don't use a reference for rest_bits
* bts.cpp: ensure left-shift operation does not exceed uint32_t
* Encoding: use uint16_t when interacting with the window object
* Encoding: ACK/NACK: always encode with length field present
[ Keith ]
* Cosmetic: Osmcoom -> Osmocom
[ Vadim Yanitskiy ]
* src/pcu_l1_if.cpp: fix: properly pass measurements from PCUIF
* gprs_bssgp_pcu_rx_dl_ud(): fix: BSSGP_IE_IMSI is optional
* gprs_bssgp_pcu.cpp: check return code of gsm48_mi_to_string()
* gprs_bssgp_pcu_rx_dl_ud(): use OSMO_IMSI_BUF_SIZE
[ Thorsten Alteholz ]
* fix spelling errors detected by lintian
[ Eric Wild ]
* ubsan: fix shift
[ Pau Espin Pedrol ]
* Remove undefined param passed to {logging,osmo_stats}_vty_add_cmds
* Require newer libosmocore to avoid compile failures
-- Pau Espin Pedrol <pespin@sysmocom.de> Wed, 07 Aug 2019 21:09:53 +0200
osmo-pcu (0.6.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Harald Welte ]