Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre
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#ifndef _GSM_DATA_H
#define _GSM_DATA_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include <regex.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <osmocom/core/timer.h>
#include <osmocom/core/rate_ctr.h>
#include <osmocom/core/select.h>
#include <osmocom/core/stats.h>
#include <osmocom/core/stat_item.h>
#include <osmocom/gsm/gsm48.h>
#include <osmocom/crypt/auth.h>
#include <osmocom/mgcp_client/mgcp_client.h>
#include <osmocom/msc/msc_common.h>
#include <osmocom/msc/neighbor_ident.h>
#include "gsm_data_shared.h"
#include "osmux.h"
/** annotations for msgb ownership */
#define __uses
struct mncc_sock_state;
struct vlr_instance;
struct vlr_subscr;
struct gsup_client_mux;
#define tmsi_from_string(str) strtoul(str, NULL, 10)
enum {
static const struct rate_ctr_desc msc_ctr_description[] = {
[MSC_CTR_LOC_UPDATE_TYPE_ATTACH] = {"loc_update_type:attach", "Received Location Update (IMSI Attach) requests."},
[MSC_CTR_LOC_UPDATE_TYPE_NORMAL] = {"loc_update_type:normal", "Received Location Update (LAC change) requests."},
[MSC_CTR_LOC_UPDATE_TYPE_PERIODIC] = {"loc_update_type:periodic", "Received (periodic) Location Update requests."},
[MSC_CTR_LOC_UPDATE_TYPE_DETACH] = {"loc_update_type:detach", "Received IMSI Detach indications."},
[MSC_CTR_LOC_UPDATE_FAILED] = {"loc_update_resp:failed", "Rejected Location Update requests."},
[MSC_CTR_LOC_UPDATE_COMPLETED] = {"loc_update_resp:completed", "Successful Location Update procedures."},
[MSC_CTR_CM_SERVICE_REQUEST_REJECTED] = {"cm_service_request:rejected", "Rejected CM Service Requests."},
[MSC_CTR_CM_SERVICE_REQUEST_ACCEPTED] = {"cm_service_request:accepted", "Accepted CM Service Requests."},
[MSC_CTR_PAGING_RESP_REJECTED] = {"paging_resp:rejected", "Rejected Paging Responses."},
[MSC_CTR_PAGING_RESP_ACCEPTED] = {"paging_resp:accepted", "Accepted Paging Responses."},
[MSC_CTR_SMS_SUBMITTED] = {"sms:submitted", "Total MO SMS received from the MS."},
[MSC_CTR_SMS_NO_RECEIVER] = {"sms:no_receiver", "Failed MO SMS delivery attempts (no receiver found)."},
[MSC_CTR_SMS_DELIVER_UNKNOWN_ERROR] = {"sms:deliver_unknown_error", "Failed MO SMS delivery attempts (other reason)."},
/* FIXME: "sms:delivered" should actually count number of _successfully_ delivered MT SMS.
* The current description reflects its current (errorneous) behaviour. */
[MSC_CTR_SMS_DELIVERED] = {"sms:delivered", "Total MT SMS delivery attempts."},
[MSC_CTR_SMS_RP_ERR_MEM] = {"sms:rp_err_mem", "Failed MT SMS delivery attempts (no memory)."},
[MSC_CTR_SMS_RP_ERR_OTHER] = {"sms:rp_err_other", "Failed MT SMS delivery attempts (other reason)."},
[MSC_CTR_CALL_MO_SETUP] = {"call:mo_setup", "Received MO SETUP messages (MO call establishment)."},
[MSC_CTR_CALL_MO_CONNECT_ACK] = {"call:mo_connect_ack", "Received MO CONNECT messages (MO call establishment)."},
[MSC_CTR_CALL_MT_SETUP] = {"call:mt_setup", "Sent MT SETUP messages (MT call establishment)."},
[MSC_CTR_CALL_MT_CONNECT] = {"call:mt_connect", "Sent MT CONNECT messages (MT call establishment)."},
[MSC_CTR_CALL_ACTIVE] = {"call:active", "Calls that ever reached the active state."},
[MSC_CTR_CALL_COMPLETE] = {"call:complete", "Calls terminated by DISCONNECT message after reaching the active state."},
[MSC_CTR_CALL_INCOMPLETE] = {"call:incomplete", "Calls terminated by any other reason after reaching the active state."},
[MSC_CTR_NC_SS_MO_REQUESTS] = {"nc_ss:mo_requests", "Received MS-initiated call independent SS/USSD requests."},
[MSC_CTR_NC_SS_MO_ESTABLISHED] = {"nc_ss:mo_established", "Established MS-initiated call independent SS/USSD sessions."},
[MSC_CTR_NC_SS_MT_REQUESTS] = {"nc_ss:mt_requests", "Received network-initiated call independent SS/USSD requests."},
[MSC_CTR_NC_SS_MT_ESTABLISHED] = {"nc_ss:mt_established", "Established network-initiated call independent SS/USSD sessions."},
[MSC_CTR_BSSMAP_CIPHER_MODE_REJECT] = {"bssmap:cipher_mode_reject", "Number of CIPHER MODE REJECT messages processed by BSSMAP layer"},
[MSC_CTR_BSSMAP_CIPHER_MODE_COMPLETE] = {"bssmap:cipher_mode_complete", "Number of CIPHER MODE COMPLETE messages processed by BSSMAP layer"},
enum {
static const struct rate_ctr_group_desc msc_ctrg_desc = {
"mobile switching center",
static const struct osmo_stat_item_desc msc_stat_item_description[] = {
[MSC_STAT_ACTIVE_CALLS] = { "msc.active_calls", "Currently active calls " , OSMO_STAT_ITEM_NO_UNIT, 4, 0},
[MSC_STAT_ACTIVE_NC_SS] = { "msc.active_nc_ss", "Currently active SS/USSD sessions", OSMO_STAT_ITEM_NO_UNIT, 4, 0},
static const struct osmo_stat_item_group_desc msc_statg_desc = {
"network statistics",
struct gsm_tz {
int override; /* if 0, use system's time zone instead. */
int hr; /* hour */
int mn; /* minute */
int dst; /* daylight savings */
struct gsm_network {
/* TODO MSCSPLIT the gsm_network struct is basically a kitchen sink for
* global settings and variables, "madly" mixing BSC and MSC stuff. Split
* this in e.g. struct osmo_bsc and struct osmo_msc, with the things
* these have in common, like country and network code, put in yet
* separate structs and placed as members in osmo_bsc and osmo_msc. */
struct osmo_plmn_id plmn;
char *name_long;
char *name_short;
/* bit-mask of permitted encryption algorithms. LSB=A5/0, MSB=A5/7 */
uint8_t a5_encryption_mask;
bool authentication_required;
int send_mm_info;
/* Whether to use encryption on UTRAN.
* TODO: we should offer a choice of UEA1 and/or UEA2, and probably replace this bool with a bit-mask of
* permitted Iu encryption algorithms. See also OS#4143 and the 'encryption uea' vty command. */
bool uea_encryption;
struct rate_ctr_group *msc_ctrs;
struct osmo_stat_item_group *statg;
/* layer 4 */
char *mncc_sock_path;
struct mncc_sock_state *mncc_state;
mncc_recv_cb_t mncc_recv;
struct llist_head upqueue;
struct osmo_tdef *mncc_tdefs;
* TODO: Move the trans_list into the RAN connection and
* create a pending list for MT transactions. These exist before
* we have a RAN connection.
struct llist_head trans_list;
unsigned int paging_response_timer;
/* Radio Resource Location Protocol (TS 04.31) */
struct {
enum rrlp_mode mode;
} rrlp;
struct gsm_sms_queue *sms_queue;
/* The "SMS over GSUP" kill-switch that basically breaks internal
* SMS routing (i.e. SQLite DB and SMPP), and enables forwarding
* of short messages over GSUP towards ESME (through VLR and HLR).
* Please see OS#3587 for details. This is a temporary solution,
* so it should be removed as soon as we move the SMS processing
* logic to an external process (OsmoSMSC?). REMOVE ME! */
bool sms_over_gsup;
/* control interface */
struct ctrl_handle *ctrl;
/* if override is nonzero, this timezone data is used for all MM
* contexts. */
/* TODO: in OsmoNITB, tz-override used to be BTS-specific. To enable
* BTS|RNC specific timezone overrides for multi-tz networks in
* OsmoMSC, this should be tied to the location area code (LAC). */
struct gsm_tz tz;
/* MSC: GSUP server address of the HLR */
const char *gsup_server_addr_str;
uint16_t gsup_server_port;
struct gsup_client_mux *gcm;
struct vlr_instance *vlr;
/* Periodic location update default value */
uint8_t t3212;
/* Global MNCC guard timer value */
int mncc_guard_timeout;
/* Global guard timer value for NCSS sessions */
int ncss_guard_timeout;
struct {
struct osmo_tdef *tdefs;
struct mgcp_client_conf conf;
struct mgcp_client *client;
} mgw;
struct {
/* CS7 instance id number (set via VTY) */
uint32_t cs7_instance;
enum nsap_addr_enc rab_assign_addr_enc;
struct sccp_ran_inst *sri;
} iu;
struct {
/* CS7 instance id number (set via VTY) */
uint32_t cs7_instance;
struct sccp_ran_inst *sri;
} a;
/* A list of neighbor BSCs. This list is defined statically via VTY and does not
* necessarily correspond to BSCs attached to the A interface at a given moment. */
struct neighbor_ident_list *neighbor_list;
struct {
/* MSISDN to which to route MO emergency calls */
char *route_to_msisdn;
} emergency;
/* This is transmitted as IPA Serial Number tag, which is used for GSUP routing (e.g. in OsmoHLR).
* For inter-MSC handover, the remote MSC's neighbor configuration requires to match this name.
* If no name is set, the IPA Serial Number will be the same as the Unit Name,
* and will be of the form 'MSC-00-00-00-00-00-00' */
char *msc_ipa_name;
struct llist_head neighbor_ident_list;
struct {
uint64_t range_start;
uint64_t range_end;
uint64_t next;
} handover_number;
/* Whether we want to use Osmux against BSCs. Controlled via VTY */
enum osmux_usage use_osmux;
/* Whether to use call waiting on the network */
bool call_waiting;
struct osmo_esme;
enum gsm_sms_source_id {
SMS_SOURCE_MS, /* received from MS */
SMS_SOURCE_VTY, /* received from VTY */
SMS_SOURCE_SMPP, /* received via SMPP */
#define SMS_TEXT_SIZE 256
struct gsm_sms_addr {
uint8_t ton;
uint8_t npi;
char addr[21+1];
struct gsm_sms {
unsigned long long id;
struct vlr_subscr *receiver;
struct gsm_sms_addr src, dst;
enum gsm_sms_source_id source;
struct {
uint8_t transaction_id;
uint32_t msg_ref;
} gsm411;
struct {
struct osmo_esme *esme;
uint32_t sequence_nr;
int transaction_mode;
char msg_id[16];
} smpp;
unsigned long validity_minutes;
time_t created;
bool is_report;
uint8_t reply_path_req;
uint8_t status_rep_req;
uint8_t ud_hdr_ind;
uint8_t protocol_id;
uint8_t data_coding_scheme;
uint8_t msg_ref;
uint8_t user_data_len;
uint8_t user_data[SMS_TEXT_SIZE];
char text[SMS_TEXT_SIZE];
/* control interface handling */
int bsc_base_ctrl_cmds_install(void);
int msc_ctrl_cmds_install(struct gsm_network *net);
#endif /* _GSM_DATA_H */