Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre
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/* GSM Mobile Radio Interface Layer 3 messages on the A-bis interface
* 3GPP TS 04.08 version 7.21.0 Release 1998 / ETSI TS 100 940 V7.21.0 */
/* (C) 2008-2009 by Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>
* (C) 2008, 2009 by Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>
* All Rights Reserved
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
#ifndef _MNCC_H
#define _MNCC_H
#include <osmocom/core/linuxlist.h>
#include <osmocom/gsm/mncc.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
struct gsm_network;
struct msgb;
struct gsm0808_channel_type;
/* One end of a call */
struct gsm_call {
struct llist_head entry;
/* network handle */
struct gsm_network *net;
/* the 'local' transaction */
uint32_t callref;
/* the 'remote' transaction */
uint32_t remote_ref;
#define MNCC_SETUP_REQ 0x0101
#define MNCC_SETUP_IND 0x0102
#define MNCC_SETUP_RSP 0x0103
#define MNCC_SETUP_CNF 0x0104
#define MNCC_SETUP_COMPL_REQ 0x0105
#define MNCC_SETUP_COMPL_IND 0x0106
/* MNCC_REJ_* is performed via MNCC_REL_* */
#define MNCC_CALL_CONF_IND 0x0107
#define MNCC_CALL_PROC_REQ 0x0108
#define MNCC_PROGRESS_REQ 0x0109
#define MNCC_ALERT_REQ 0x010a
#define MNCC_ALERT_IND 0x010b
#define MNCC_NOTIFY_REQ 0x010c
#define MNCC_NOTIFY_IND 0x010d
#define MNCC_DISC_REQ 0x010e
#define MNCC_DISC_IND 0x010f
#define MNCC_REL_REQ 0x0110
#define MNCC_REL_IND 0x0111
#define MNCC_REL_CNF 0x0112
#define MNCC_FACILITY_REQ 0x0113
#define MNCC_FACILITY_IND 0x0114
#define MNCC_START_DTMF_IND 0x0115
#define MNCC_START_DTMF_RSP 0x0116
#define MNCC_START_DTMF_REJ 0x0117
#define MNCC_STOP_DTMF_IND 0x0118
#define MNCC_STOP_DTMF_RSP 0x0119
#define MNCC_MODIFY_REQ 0x011a
#define MNCC_MODIFY_IND 0x011b
#define MNCC_MODIFY_RSP 0x011c
#define MNCC_MODIFY_CNF 0x011d
#define MNCC_MODIFY_REJ 0x011e
#define MNCC_HOLD_IND 0x011f
#define MNCC_HOLD_CNF 0x0120
#define MNCC_HOLD_REJ 0x0121
#define MNCC_RETRIEVE_IND 0x0122
#define MNCC_RETRIEVE_CNF 0x0123
#define MNCC_RETRIEVE_REJ 0x0124
#define MNCC_USERINFO_REQ 0x0125
#define MNCC_USERINFO_IND 0x0126
#define MNCC_REJ_REQ 0x0127
#define MNCC_REJ_IND 0x0128
#define MNCC_BRIDGE 0x0200
#define MNCC_FRAME_RECV 0x0201
#define MNCC_FRAME_DROP 0x0202
#define MNCC_LCHAN_MODIFY 0x0203
#define MNCC_RTP_CREATE 0x0204
#define MNCC_RTP_CONNECT 0x0205
#define MNCC_RTP_FREE 0x0206
#define GSM_TCHF_FRAME 0x0300
#define GSM_TCHF_FRAME_EFR 0x0301
#define GSM_TCHH_FRAME 0x0302
#define GSM_TCH_FRAME_AMR 0x0303
#define GSM_BAD_FRAME 0x03ff
#define MNCC_SOCKET_HELLO 0x0400
#define GSM_MAX_FACILITY 128
#define GSM_MAX_USERUSER 128
#define MNCC_F_BEARER_CAP 0x0001
#define MNCC_F_CALLED 0x0002
#define MNCC_F_CALLING 0x0004
#define MNCC_F_REDIRECTING 0x0008
#define MNCC_F_CONNECTED 0x0010
#define MNCC_F_CAUSE 0x0020
#define MNCC_F_USERUSER 0x0040
#define MNCC_F_PROGRESS 0x0080
#define MNCC_F_EMERGENCY 0x0100
#define MNCC_F_FACILITY 0x0200
#define MNCC_F_SSVERSION 0x0400
#define MNCC_F_CCCAP 0x0800
#define MNCC_F_KEYPAD 0x1000
#define MNCC_F_SIGNAL 0x2000
#define MNCC_F_GCR 0x4000
struct gsm_mncc {
/* context based information */
uint32_t msg_type;
uint32_t callref;
/* which fields are present */
uint32_t fields;
/* data derived information (MNCC_F_ based) */
struct gsm_mncc_bearer_cap bearer_cap;
struct gsm_mncc_number called;
struct gsm_mncc_number calling;
struct gsm_mncc_number redirecting;
struct gsm_mncc_number connected;
struct gsm_mncc_cause cause;
struct gsm_mncc_progress progress;
struct gsm_mncc_useruser useruser;
struct gsm_mncc_facility facility;
struct gsm_mncc_cccap cccap;
struct gsm_mncc_ssversion ssversion;
struct {
int sup;
int inv;
} clir;
int signal;
/* data derived information, not MNCC_F based */
int keypad;
int more;
int notify; /* 0..127 */
int emergency;
char imsi[16];
unsigned char lchan_type;
unsigned char lchan_mode;
/* Global Call Reference (encoded as per 3GPP TS 29.205) */
uint8_t gcr[16];
/* A buffer to contain SDP ('\0' terminated) */
char sdp[1024];
struct gsm_data_frame {
uint32_t msg_type;
uint32_t callref;
unsigned char data[0];
struct gsm_mncc_hello {
uint32_t msg_type;
uint32_t version;
/* send the sizes of the structs */
uint32_t mncc_size;
uint32_t data_frame_size;
/* send some offsets */
uint32_t called_offset;
uint32_t signal_offset;
uint32_t emergency_offset;
uint32_t lchan_type_offset;
struct gsm_mncc_rtp {
uint32_t msg_type;
uint32_t callref;
struct sockaddr_storage addr;
uint32_t payload_type;
uint32_t payload_msg_type;
char sdp[1024];
struct gsm_mncc_bridge {
uint32_t msg_type;
uint32_t callref[2];
union mncc_msg {
uint32_t msg_type;
struct gsm_mncc signal;
struct gsm_mncc_hello hello;
struct gsm_data_frame data_frame;
struct gsm_mncc_rtp rtp;
struct gsm_mncc_bridge bridge;
const char *get_mncc_name(int value);
void mncc_set_cause(struct gsm_mncc *data, int loc, int val);
void cc_tx_to_mncc(struct gsm_network *net, struct msgb *msg);
/* input from CC code into mncc_builtin */
int int_mncc_recv(struct gsm_network *net, struct msgb *msg);
/* input from CC code into mncc_sock */
int mncc_sock_from_cc(struct gsm_network *net, struct msgb *msg);
int mncc_sock_init(struct gsm_network *net, const char *sock_path);
#define mncc_is_data_frame(msg_type) \
(msg_type == GSM_TCHF_FRAME \
|| msg_type == GSM_TCHF_FRAME_EFR \
|| msg_type == GSM_TCHH_FRAME \
|| msg_type == GSM_TCH_FRAME_AMR \
|| msg_type == GSM_BAD_FRAME)
int mncc_prim_check(const struct gsm_mncc *mncc_prim, unsigned int len);
int mncc_check_sdp_termination(const char *label, const struct gsm_mncc *mncc, unsigned int len, const char *sdp);
int mncc_bearer_cap_to_channel_type(struct gsm0808_channel_type *ct, const struct gsm_mncc_bearer_cap *bc);