Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre
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#pragma once
#include <osmocom/gsm/gsup.h>
#include <osmocom/msc/gsup_client_mux.h>
struct gsup_client_mux;
struct ipaccess_unit;
struct gsup_client_mux_rx_cb {
int (* func )(struct gsup_client_mux *gcm, void *data, const struct osmo_gsup_message *gsup_msg);
void *data;
/* A GSUP client shared between code paths for various GSUP Message Classes.
* The main task is to dispatch GSUP messages to code paths corresponding to the respective Message Class, i.e.
* subscriber management, SMS, SS/USSD and inter-MSC messaging.
* If a GSUP Message Class IE is present in the message, the received message is dispatched directly to the rx_cb entry
* for that Message Class. Otherwise, the Message Class is determined by a switch() on the Message Type.*/
struct gsup_client_mux {
struct osmo_gsup_client *gsup_client;
/* Target clients by enum osmo_gsup_message_class */
struct gsup_client_mux_rx_cb rx_cb[OSMO_GSUP_MESSAGE_CLASS_ARRAYSIZE];
struct gsup_client_mux *gsup_client_mux_alloc(void *talloc_ctx);
int gsup_client_mux_start(struct gsup_client_mux *gcm, const char *gsup_server_addr_str, uint16_t gsup_server_port,
struct ipaccess_unit *ipa_dev);
int gsup_client_mux_tx(struct gsup_client_mux *gcm, const struct osmo_gsup_message *gsup_msg);
void gsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(struct gsup_client_mux *gcm, const struct osmo_gsup_message *gsup_orig,
enum gsm48_gmm_cause cause);
int gsup_client_mux_rx(struct osmo_gsup_client *gsup_client, struct msgb *msg);