Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre
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osmo-msc (1.1.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Alexander Couzens ]
* Initial release.
* debian/rules: show testsuite.log when tests are failing
[ Neels Hofmeyr ]
* build: check for -lgsm
* am: msc_vlr_tests: use AM_LDFLAGS instead of COMMON vars
* jenkins: fix build: osmo-mgw from master, not pre_release
* jenkins: drop unused build matrix vars, always --enable-smpp
* configure.ac: fix to "AC_INIT[osmo-msc]"
* rewrite README
* rename openbsc.pc to osmo-msc.pc
* debian: fix web and VCS links, tweak osmo-msc.install
* drop files unrelated to osmo-msc
* rename include/openbsc to include/osmocom/msc
* doc/examples: add detailed cs7 config examples
* use separated libosmo-mgcp-client, apply rename to mgcp_client_*
* ctrl: subscriber-list-active: list only attached subscribers
* debian: fix dependency to mgcp library
* main: remove cmdline args no longer available for osmo-msc
* vty: fix: missing default cmds at hlr node
* ctrl: remove unimplemented cmds subscriber-{modify,delete}
* fix build: remove obsolete header legacy_mgcp/mgcp.h
* fix debian: fix erratic doc/examples install path
* fix memory leak: vlr: vlr_gsupc_read_cb() must msgb_free()
* fix vty tests: long timeout due to unreachable STP address
* cosmetic: vlr: declare a struct in .h; drop unused header
* add ';' after OSMO_ASSERT()
[ Philipp Maier ]
* a_iface: fix memory leaks
* a_iface: fix typo
[ Max ]
* Remove rest_octets.h
* Remove SI-related code
* Remove BTS-specific attributes
* Remove unused osmo_bsc_rf.h header
* Remove pkg-config file
[ Harald Welte ]
* Update .gitignore for post-nitb-split
* remove further files and autotest/autoconf bits irrelevant to osmo-msc
* Rename osmo_fsm to avoid illegal space in name + more meaningful name
* Debian: remove obsolete Dependencies
* configure.ac: Depend on latest tagged/released libosmo-* versions
* Debian: Build with enabled SMPP support
* osmo-msc: Don't link against libasn1c
* Debian: Include systemd.service in package
* Debian: include all (not just one) example config files
-- Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org> Sat, 28 Oct 2017 14:45:58 +0200
osmo-msc (0.1.0) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
* Initial release.
-- Alexander Couzens <lynxis@fe80.eu> Tue, 08 Aug 2017 01:13:01 +0000